Top 2 Usual Mistakes To Completely Avoid During NEET

The internet is a place flooded with examples and information on the many mistakes one tends to commit during exams, especially competitive tests. While some are very relatable, some are unique and amusing. Most of us do relate to the mistakes we tend to commit in terms of understanding certain phrases or words in the question and are hence unable to arrive at the correct answer.

There are many such mistakes, which are made time and again, which when looked at in retrospect could be easily avoided thus saving those precious marks and increasing the chances of a better score and possibly landing up at a better medical college.

Why is it stressed, especially in NEET, to avoid committing mistakes?

As a matter of fact, mistakes in any test/exam must be avoided for which appropriate measures must be taken. However, NEET 2021, as we all know, has a negative marking scheme where one mark is deducted for every incorrect answer. This does not good as lakhs of students participate in NEET for a mere number of medical seats available. We have seen in the past that even a difference of one mark causes a rank drop by hundreds. In other words, a difference of a mark can cost students to lose out on their desired NEET score and ultimately their dream college, hence the importance.

Two Most Common Mistakes Committed During NEET

This article hence explains the 2 most common mistakes made during NEET and even explains the remedial measures towards each. Read on.

1. Leaving questions unanswered

The very idea of “not answering” questions stems from 2 reasons –

  • Question has not been read thoroughly
  • Answer to the question is not known

Question has not been read thoroughly

In this event, read the question carefully once. Know what you have gathered from the question. Now once again go back to the question and fully understand if what you have gathered tallies with what the question is actually asking. Start answering only if you have completely understood the question even if you have the answer running at the back of your mind after reading the question. Sometimes, questions are tricked, remember that!

Answer to the question is not known

This is where you need to work on. It could be that you haven’t prepared for the concept or have not revised it well and the question happens to appear from this concept. To avoid being in such a spot, it is always stressed upon having a clear understanding of all the concepts starting from the basics which are covered in the NEET syllabus. Revise concepts thoroughly to be able to understand any type of question asked under that particular topic/concept. Practice questions regularly. There is absolutely no substitute for this.

2. Exam Fear

Panicking is the last thing that should occur to any test taker. When faced with the test paper, it is very easy to panic and is a natural tendency if nothing else, no matter how prepared you are. Especially, while you glance through and find out that you do not have answers to most questions, you are dreaded. Inhale and exhale. Breathe in and breathe out for a few seconds. It could help calm your nerves. You could inculcate this practice right from your preparation times. You could choose the activity of your choice or what works best for you to stabilize. Now, know that panicking does not fetch you any extra marks, it could only hamper your performance and confidence. If there is nothing on your answer script, you are getting no marks. Start answering questions one by one, it is okay if you are not promptly up with an answer. You will gain momentum in due course, you can then pick up the pace. For this very reason, students are time and again asked to take mock tests in ideal scenarios and practice enough questions. Hope you found this article useful. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel for more information on NEET.

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