Three Content Marketing Secrets You Can Learn From the Top Meme Accounts

Memes have become so popular that you could be forgiven for thinking that they are taking over social media. Some of the top meme accounts like Daquan and Kale Salad have millions of meme-crazy followers and are familiar names in the world of social media, especially among Gen Z. While many could think that these accounts are aimless and trivial, to the keen practitioners of social media content, the tactics followed by them are strategic and a study in success. Some of the best content marketing lessons you can learn from meme accounts:

Great Captions Are Priceless

Everyone knows the value of an interesting visual; however, it is increasingly becoming clear to social media practitioners that given the multitude of posts with appealing images, it is simply not enough to share an exciting visual. What you need to do to ensure that the user lingers over your post, understands more about it, and feels motivated enough to like and share it. Memes are a study in the structuring of captions that drive engagement with brevity and impact. Because the captions are short and simple and contained within the image, it ensures that it can be seen fully by the person seeing the image without needing to click on it, according to a Meme Scout designer.

Broad Appeal

Memes are immensely popular, and it is relatively easier for a meme to become viral than other types of social media content. Because they are typically based on trending events, more people are aware of the subject and, therefore, more receptive. The often tongue-in-cheek humor can convert an issue into a joke with wide appeal and accessibility. However, even though memes are understood and appreciated by a large cross-section of people, smart marketers will do well to know the profile of their target audiences as much as possible. It will help them to create memes that are more on target with content that leverages their knowledge and interests. According to Forbes, memes provide value with entertainment.

Aesthetic Consistency

The awesome thing about memes is that even if the images and captions are different, everyone will know a meme when he encounters one in his social media feed. Most of them comprise familiar images with overlaid funny text. Some of them may be only text while others may also be animated, however, everyone will know it’s a meme when they see it. When you are out to build a brand on social media, your posts must be instantly recognizable. While you can do this with several initiatives to make your posts distinctive, using memes can help you considerably.


Successful social media content creation and management depend to a large extent on your familiarity with the audience. When you know what they like or dislike, what inspires them, the time of the day they are most active, etc., you are better placed to offer them something they will find appealing. Memes can help your account to stand out; however, you must not use them randomly. It can be useful to develop a theme that supports your brand personality and allows you to build your brand image.

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