Thing to consider when choosing a secure VPN for your device

How to select the best VPNs based on your needs? In this guide, we want to help you understand which VPN provider to choose. Choosing the best VPN, in fact, mainly depends on why you are approaching this tool for safe online browsing.

What a VPN is and how it works

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a virtual private network, which is a connection between two devices (client and server) that uses a transmission protocol protected by a certain level of encryption.

When you connect to the internet using a VPN, what happens is that the data coming out of our device is “filtered” by the VPN server to which we are connected. The latter therefore acts as a filter, sending to the servers to which we wish to connect (for example the servers of streaming services such as Netflix, Media set Infinity, HBO, etc  …) only the information necessary for navigation, thus protecting our sensitive data.

The advantages of connecting to the internet protected by a VPN

The advantages of descargar VPN service range from protecting your personal data when connected to public networks, to the need to break down geographical restrictions on streaming content , but not only. For the more “geeks”, in fact, also having an efficient protection for downloading Torrent files or for online gaming sessions is important.

ITop VPN – best and fast VPN without geo-restrictions

Let’s start our breakdown of the best VPN by talking about probably the best known VPN operator at the moment. In fact, the success of iTop VPN is mainly due to three factors: server speed, ease of use and wide availability of applications for different devices.

ITop VPN is the fastest VPN provider, with performance in terms of download speeds almost doubled compared to its competitors. Therefore, considering the excellent performance and the availability of applications for Smart TVs and mobile devices, it is the best VPN for viewing streaming content, without fearing blocks due to geolocation or when connecting to unsafe public networks.

We had the opportunity to test iTop VPN’s Android, Android TV and Windows applications. In all cases we appreciated the ease of use of the first user interface but also of the customized setups, very useful to fully exploit all the potential of this VPN software descargar VPN now.

More features of iTop VPN

ITop VPN is not limited to offering us a valid and fast VPN service with over 1800 servers located in different geographical areas. The additional features are many and really useful:

Auto-connect: to automatically activate the connection to a VPN network when using public Wi-Fi networks;

Kill Switch: to stop internet access in case of disconnection from the VPN network;

Split tunneling: to always keep the VPN service active and disable it only for some apps, such as banking services, which require active geolocation;

Threat Protection: a service dedicated to blocking ADS and malware, to prevent websites from tracking our actions and therefore guarantee privacy while browsing.

Added to these is the ability to connect to servers in obfuscated mode, which will prevent the servers visited from understanding that we are using a VPN service.

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