The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing Corporate Travel Management

The world of business travel is a dynamic one. Ever-growing and changing, it can be a herculean task for professionals and travel managers to keep up with their needs and make sure their program is functioning well. To deal with this problem, professionals can consider outsourcing travel management. This is effective in cost reduction whilst helping one acquire peak efficiency in the travel program.

When To Outsource Travel Management

Outsourcing might be more useful in certain scenarios than others. For example, in the case that you require an expert in your field of work, but don’t have a suitable employee with an extensive travel history- outsourcing travel management could come to your rescue. In the case that you have limited time, outsourcing travel management could be useful. If an in-house employee with additional responsibilities is given the time-consuming task of travel management, it can prove to be a challenge. Hiring an outsourced travel management company can help reduce the time spent as they can fully dedicate time to travel management and will prioritise it.

However, outsourcing isn’t always efficient. If you’re with a small company where there aren’t many trips for employees around the year, outsourcing travel management is probably unnecessary. As there are fewer tasks involved, they may be effectively handled in-house.

How An Outsourced Travel Management Company Can Help?

An outsourced travel management company will integrate into your program and help with tasks such as the deployment of services, management of compliance, development of vendor relationships and any other unique requirements you may have regarding travel management. The execution of travel strategy and management of itineraries are also tasks you can confidently delegate to an outsourced travel manager.

Additionally, an outsourced travel management company will be able to take on any task that your company requires. It all depends on your unique needs. The goal is to devise a travel program that’s efficient and delivers on your requirements.

How Your Travel Program Can Benefit From Hiring An Outsourced Travel Management Company?

There are countless benefits that can come from having an outsourced travel management company on board.

  • An outsourced travel management company has years of experience working as travel agents and account managers. This background provides them with deep industry knowledge.
  • If you hire an outsourced travel management company, you can benefit from this valuable expertise. An outsourced travel management company can utilise industry data and contacts to enhance your travel experience. You can effectively reduce overhead costs too.
  • An outsourced travel management company can regularly review your program and keep it up to date, making adjustments and avoiding unnecessary expenditures. This is particularly beneficial when your company isn’t focused on travel primarily.
  • An outsourced travel management company can also conduct campaigns for traveller engagement, making sure that all employees are well informed regarding travel policies and updates, and help with bookings.

This is likely to increase the overall satisfaction and happiness of employees. This is always an important priority for a company as attaining employee satisfaction is a boon for any employer as it reduces the high unnecessary cost of employee turnover.

Reduction Of Risk

If you haven’t hired a travel manager, employees of the company may book their own hotels and flights. This can lead to miscommunication as the company may be unaware of the employees’ booking details, which is unsafe as in the case of a mishap, sufficient information wouldn’t be available.

This becomes particularly concerning if you have a large company where many employees are travelling. Handling the bookings might become problematic and overwhelming for your in-house management team, and having a dedicated outsourced manager can make planning much less stressful. Outsourcing travel management can deliver security, savings, and most importantly- a stress-free and safe experience.

How An Outsourced Travel Management Company Helps You Save Money

  • By streamlining processes

By using an outsourced TMC, you have only one team managing your travel arrangements. This streamlines the complicated process.

  • By managing KPIs and fulfilling performance targets

A TMC can give regular reports regarding your company’s travel costs and set and measure KPIs easily. This is because you’re dealing with just one supplier.

  • By keeping track of budgets and expenditure

If your employees were to book their own tickets, it would be challenging to get them to adhere to company policies and budgets. Using a travel management company eliminates the problem of non-compliance by employees.

  • By increasing staff productivity

Your employees will save time on managing their travel bookings if you hire an outsourced travel management company which will allow them to allocate their time to more productive tasks. They can perform their jobs better without the distractions of travel concerns.

  • By solving problems more effectively

While travelling, a lot can go wrong. An employee could miss a flight or lose their luggage. A travel management company has years of experience and will know how to handle such situations in an efficient way, saving unnecessary wastage of time and money.

  • By using negotiated discounts

Outsourced travel management companies have established relationships with service providers such as cab companies, airlines, and hotels. They will typically have access to exclusive discounts that you can use.

  • By saving time by using tools

An outsourced travel management company will use tools like booking websites that allow you to save money by finding the best fares possible.

  • Convenience

Travel management companies in India provide services like emergency travel desk customer support, and 24/7 after-hours support. These services can make or break your travel experience, as when caught in a crisis they can come to your rescue and provide a smooth experience.


The bottom line is, travel is stressful. Having someone who’s an expert like TMC Operations outsourcing in India leading the way can minimise your concerns and allow you to focus on your company’s functioning and growth with undivided attention. Especially if you’re an expanding company, saving money and optimising all functioning is crucial for growth and making a significant profit. Hiring an outsourced travel management company is just another way to do this.

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