The side effects of a car accident.

People react to car accidents differently. While some may be fortunate to walk away without suffering any serious injuries, it does not mean there won’t be long term consequences.

The side effects of a car accident vary from mild or severe concussions to PTSD. This is why you should work with Colorado Springs Law Firm to strategize on how much compensation you should get from the persons who caused the accident in the first place.

You will learn about the side effects of car accidents in their article. Continue reading to discover all that there is to it.

  • Traumatic brain injuries like concussions are likely aftermaths of car accidents. Concussion in its severe form would cause unconsciousness and long term memory loss but in its mild and moderate forms, concussion does not cause unconsciousness rather it is associated with a short term memory loss. A concussion occurs when the brain shifts from its original position due to an external impact. But do not fret, with the right treatment concussions are treatable.
  • Spinal cord injury: Severe cases of car accidents have led to spinal cord damage in many case of car accidents, which has caused the permanent loss of the ability to walk in so many people.
  • The feeling of numbness is another prevalent side effect. Here the car accident victim will lose the ability to feel sensation in their arms or hands. This condition usually results when the neck is damaged or when the spinal cord damage affects the neck. This damage causes the loss of feeling stems and it is also known as whiplash disorder.
  • Post traumatic stress disorder is another prevalent side effect. PTSD is why many people who have a history with car accidents have the fear of riding a car or driving a car again. PTSD causes people to experience upsetting memories of the car accidents and sometimes causes them to hallucinate. In elderly persons this condition can be cured but it’s difficult to damage if the persons involved are still children.
  • Damages to the tissues or bone: without seeking medical attention you may never realize you have suffered damage to your bone or some tissues until you start to experience throbbing pains and eventually seek medical attention. The downside to not taking care of these damages in its earlier phase is that, once it’s left for a long time it may be difficult to correct entirely.
  • Another adverse side effect is loss of body parts like the limb. While this is not a usual occurrence with car accidents, It can still happen.
  • Emotional trauma: the result of car accidents can shatter the sense of security of the worries involved. Emotional trauma is a one-time event that can result in PTSD if not properly managed.
  • Death: people sometimes die as a result of car accidents. This may leave close family members shattered.
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