The Resilience of Television As Technologies Evolve

Television, our beloved box of entertainment that can quickly teleport us to the magical world of sports, action, information, and whatnot. Technological advancements have wiped away the signs of gadgets that failed to keep up with the pace. However, the TV box has continued to bear and outshine the weather of time. People’s interaction with media is changing, getting faster with time, and growing differently.

Just look around yourself; you will see almost everyone engrossed in a digital device, like a mobile phone, laptop, or PC. The scenario is the same whether you are at work, home, shopping, airport, or a restaurant. A recent study revealed that over 80% of the content on the internet will be video. Traditional television saw a great shock after the introduction of entertainment via the internet. However, the viewers still have opted for cable television for high-end sports and TV channels that are easily accessible on Spectrum Channel Lineup. Both TV and the internet have adapted accordingly thus far, to meet the audiences’ expectations.  

The marriage of TV and the Internet:

We have now experienced the technological breakthrough that happened with the convergence of traditional Television and the Internet. The latest television sets are web optimized traditional television systems, like the interactive Google TV and Apple TV. The time isn’t far when advertisers will start using these interactive screens at work or home. This technology might enable them to interact with the consumer directly, that too to a point where the consumer can call and place an order directly from the commercial on the TV.

The Developing Consumer Experience

The consumer can now connect their TV device to an internet connection, download various software from the TV’s suite. Some of which enables you to even draw on your TV screen, edit or print your designs if a printer is attached to your TV. Some also have the option of viewing your picture gallery, make a digital photo frame, slide show, and complex features like Family Calendar. You can download as many applications as you wish, depending upon the supported specifications of your Television set.

Entertainment consumption is going more mobile with time and consumers are into on-demand content more than they were ever before. We have grown used to expecting instant access to our favorite shows whatsoever, it is the new normal. A good number of viewers invested in mobile entertainment technology are from the younger age bracket, which makes it evident, that this trend is going to stay here is only bound to see growth from here.

Big Names Coming Together

The traditional broadcast TV is surviving on the big news and sports channels while the rest is available to stream. However, there still is not a service that offers everything in one place. So, do not give up on your cable TV service just yet. Some of the major brands including the likes of Disney, NBC, Dreamworks, and many others are jumping in to bring the best out of this trend for the viewers. With greater content digitization, the consumers are expecting to watch a show anytime, anywhere they want and these brands are working on ways to fulfill this desire of the consumer and support their viewing behaviors.

Television: Industry of Industries

Television has grown into an industry of industries with blurring lines between broadcaster and content and new terminologies are developing. It is now crucial to create content that can gather people around. Companies are now working together to keep it afresh. A recent study found that free access to high-quality games is replacing our habits of watching a TV show to unwind after a long day at work. This makes keeping the viewer interested an even more difficult task for the content creators. The future of television has three set-top boxes, one to support 4k quality imaging, the second one to improve graphical quality, and the third one just like Chromecast.

As long as the Television manages to keep up with the changing times, there is nothing that can remove our magic box. Especially with the prices of TV production reducing significantly over time, it is predicted that most of the content will be viewed on a television set.  

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