The Performance of Top Cryptocurrencies at Present in the Crypto-Verse versus their Ratings

From the year 2009 until now, more than 15,300 cryptocurrencies have been launched into the cryptocurrency. In a matter of 12 years, the crypto-sector has grown so much that more than 460 crypto-exchanges have been launched to cater to the investors’ needs.

Although there are several hundred cryptocurrency exchanges in the entire crypto-verse, it doesn’t mean that all of them are the same. In the crypto-verse, the majority of the exchanges are known for providing below-average services. 

Only a handful of cryptocurrency exchanges is able to make it through with the services and features they offer. As these exchanges offer unique services, therefore, they have earned high reputations within the crypto-sector. 

This is where Binance comes in as the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the entire crypto-verse. As of now, the average trading volume being observed by Binance in the past 24-hours is more than $17.3 billion. This is quite high given the fact that the second crypto-exchange after Binance has observed a very small trading volume compared to Binance.

The Binance exchange even observes tremendous user traffic on its website. As of now, more than 35 million users have been visiting the exchange on a weekly basis. The exchange is known for offering the highest second-highest number of trading markets that is over 1594. Binance also offers trading services for more than 400 cryptocurrencies and it has been adding more cryptocurrencies almost every week. The exchange even supports all major fiat currencies for the users to make deposits, withdrawals, and trades in. 

The exchange currently offers its services across the globe and it is aiming to expand them into many more countries and regions. As of now, Binance’s rating on CoinMarketCap’s exchange rating chart is 9.9.

After Binance, the next cryptocurrency is Coinbase that tends to observe the second-highest 24-hour trading volume, which on average is $4,077,177,312. As for the weekly visits, the exchange has been observing over 4.5 million visits. Coinbase does not offer the same amount of trading markets as Binance or other major cryptocurrency exchanges. At present, the investors get to be part of over 400 trading markets through the Coinbase exchange. 

When it comes to offering cryptocurrencies, Coinbase offers over 140 of them for the benefit of its users. As Coinbase is a crypto-exchange based in the United States, it doesn’t have many cryptocurrencies to offer, due to regulatory restrictions. As of now, Coinbase is only offering three major fiat currencies that include the US dollar, Euro, and British pound sterling. 

Apart from the above, there are exchanges including FTX, Kraken, Exchange, KuCoin, Huobi Global, and Poloniex that are counted among the major crypto exchanges.

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