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There are many large and powerful companies in this world. They made their names in their relative industries. Business management and consultation which is quite necessary for beginners in business and for large companies to assist them in their relative tasks. The Norstrat consulting incorporation provides you with all that. This article is all about the Norstrat company. Just hook up yourself till the end to know everything in detail.

What is Northstrat?

The northstrat consulting incorporation is a business service and management consulting company which believes that the northern strategy is  Canada’s most important, exciting, important, and challenging opportunity and programs for the 21st surgery. And they would be glad to help you play your role!

With a specific business objective and legal responsibilities to implement element of the Canadian northern strategy north straight consulting incorporated has been established for the explicit purpose of existing customers to implement part of the Canadian northern strategy.

What is Northstrat?

This company is owned by Lee Carson. Over $200 million are captured by him in the related Government of Canada contracts the main focus of the companies to handle an address the communications an other vital aspects of their customers business. They used to partner with the business related information age. It helps them in development and design.

 Norstrat consulting corporation is located in Canada, Nepean. The total employees across all of its locations or less than 25 and these employees generate approximately 905,565 dollars in sales. It is related to the service engineering an architectural industry

Norstrat history

The company was initially established by Lee Carson in 1988. Before becoming a full-time consultant he served as a principal consultant with the department of national resources Canada since then he has had a big name in the North American telecom and information technology industry. He has also achieved the award of “The order of British Empire” for the services that he provided to the Government of Canada from his hard-working and skills and telecommunication by Queen Elizabeth ll. Now the Norstrat is multidisciplinary and super broad. They are experts in business development and campaign strategy and secondly, they partner with experts to meet your needs.

 Norstrat clients

Type of clients that the company deals with are: Saab technologies(via H+K), Ultra electronics Marin system, Aerospace(via H+K), Babcock(via H+K), Alpha Sights, Aker Solution, Canadian coast guard, Atrium SAS, Airbus defense, and space, Deloitte, General Dynamic Canada, L-3Ocean system, L-3Mas(via H+K), L-3Maripro, Calian(viaH+K), Northrop, MacDonald Dettwiter, North awestke(viaH+K)

Special training to the partners

Beyond the consulting service, the Norstrat group of companies is committed to providing your partners’ additional services and trainings. It has created following programs for this purpose:

  • Arranges annual security meetings where members get an opportunity to collaborate, network, share, and practice the best with the security professionals.
  • Discipline and customized arranges sessions from professionals and  Edmonton police services
  •  By Norstrat consulting incorporation security the professionals are dedicated liaison worked to solve the security questions.
  • They will also get free business networking night so that they could easily connect with the other northern strategy firm for marketing opportunities and networking.
  • Free of changing security audits of companies performed by Canada’s military and police professionals.
  • Development of physical security programs including protection against terror stress, privacy impact assessment, etc.
  • The discount that is not available through the retail sectors is provided. These exclusive discounts are on security products business and financial products.

Important facts about the  Norstrat company

  • The best packages are introduced and offered by the company to its customers so that they could meet their demands and needs.
  • The founder of the company Lee Carson is a respected and honored longtime member of community an airspace and Canada’s defense
  • The Canadian federal government funded major infrastructure actions and outlines are the main focus and primary goals of the company
  • The company uses Go Daddy DNS, JQuery MI grail, Google font API, and  WordPress technologies
  • Also, it has developed a fresh underwater search system to show and display the areas below the water the system relies on satellite images.
  • The system is developed to allow oil companies to end provide them the opportunity to find more gas and potential beneath the ocean
  • Furthermore, the company is on its way to Commission many more private-sector military productions.
  • There has also helped other companies to finish their tasks on time.
  • They help their clients also by developing strategies and business models in planning for their business growth

Why choose Norstrat?

There are many reasons to choose Norstrat as an initiative for your business because it helps clients build businesses opportunities, training programs, purchase of equipment, components, etc. It gives skills through technical professionals and communicational  it gives constriction system installation, and integration of security system, it provides many other corporation, also other big companies contact Norstrat for the supply of physical security including CCTV surveillance intrusion or detection system.

Even the Canadian government is pleased with the hard work done by the Norstrat company because of the benefits the company has provided to the government. It also offers the services to federal as well as provincial government. There’s a significant budget which is spent every year to improve the standards of the companies services. It provides services to healthcare authorities on the basis of three areas that are health risk, assessment planning, environmental management.

And many other consulting solutions to the public that are  strategic operation strategy for health, national energy act, the public health processes and systems,  the enhanced security system, the security modernization, improving the health and safety of the Canadians, also improving the business opportunities, productivity, and quality for the people.

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 How can Norstrat help you?

The Norstrat will guide you, consult you, and advise you by sharing important and necessary information related to your business that will affect somehow on you career in future. They will inform you about the government northern strategies, identification of the key relevant stakeholders, domain knowledge, different and unique opportunities and issues related to the infrastructure development in north Canada, exploring the bidding winning air management you this mission.

What infrastructures is not Norstrat talking about?

 The company means the Canadian federal government-funded major infrastructure projects. These are housing, social infrastructure, initiative infrastructures, investments, satellite, defense system, telecommunications, transport, etc.


The company considers its product as its customers. They provide employees the opportunities for professional and personal growth. They give many benefits, competitive salaries so that they could perform their best for better outcomes.

 The employees work daily on engineering, developing, creating, and designing the solution for national law enforcement, security, and defense. Most of the employees work at the main headquarters of the company while very few work overseas.

 The company hires high determined and performing engineers, skilled and talented people regardless of caring about the color, religion, race, sex, gender identity, national origin, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law because Norstrat believes the equal opportunity for the employers

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Question: What is Norstrat consulting industry?

The company is related to management consulting and business services that are provided to each customer with best practices.

 Question: how many employees does the north street company has

 It has very few employees that work for it and there are less than 25.

 Question: what is NAICS code of north St

 The NAICS code is 541-5416

Question: what is the sic code

 The SIC code of the company is 87874

 Question: what is official website of north St consulting incorporation

 The official website of north consulting incorporation is 

Question: how to contact the north straight consulting company

To contact the company you can visit the headquarters of the companies that are located in 3 Arbuckkle cres, Nepean, Ontario, K2G, 5G9, Canada  where you can get more information and furthermore this is the phone number (613)986 -0388

 The services

  • It gives you its unique identity in northern  strategy community which can be helpful as a point of contact for your organization and business.
  • It gives you access to its consulting incorporated security teams.
  • It gives you marketing assistance
  • Gives you corporate identity
  • Presents you the subject matter expertise
  • For the strategy patterns public relations exposure is provided
  • The official polo’s and shirts for the employees by the company
  • All marketing materials for example business cards, letter heads, brochures etc.
  • Best and handpick student from Canadians finest policing and military academies
  • Project management support is granted
  • The strategy advise on northern strategy campaign plan
  • Strategic business development processing training

IT system and data engineering

To deliver ID solution for your critical needs the Norstrat offer exceptional system architectural and design services. They do implementation, system maintenance, center design, etc. Furthermore it also offers its services by there IT developers, architect engineers. And their employees are all certified and well skilled about security, architectural and cloud computing topics.

Business and analytics

 the company gives solutions for a wide variety of federal agencies. It  continues to suggest and Innovate new and authentic business analytics and intelligence. The defined data is consolidated into a single reporting interface from multiple disparate source system.

Even it has end users and stakeholders from development to implementation aligning the strategic goals, creating effective business processes, and bringing the changes that supports the mission more the company. Also provides Norstrat leverages advanced visualization and analytics to reach audience of all level and transferring the governments are raw data into meaningful and actionable information.

 Intelligence mission system

The company makes, develops, customizes the best IT solution applications for the intelligence community and other demanding customers. The developers and engineers of the company are very well experienced and talented with commanding and controlling system data analytics, critical satellite mission management system, data fusion intelligence analytic product available.

It solves governments increasing mission problems and complex business by reducing the total cost of ownership with the leverage COTS custom developed surface open source high performance cable solutions.

Specialized services

It has some hard to find expertise and Norstrat is proud of it because these critical skills are not easily developed ,availed and found across the federal marketplace. Although it represent,  smaller aspect of the companies corporate offerings but it has quality.

They have the staff which includes the experts of industry recognition subject matter and they solve geospatial problems, video and imagery to unravel the growing imagery challenges faced by our customers in DoD and intelligence community. Tey perform algorithm development research and analysis.

They also perform Poayland integration and orbit analysis. America has NTM systems but they are very expensive and costly to maintain and develop while Norstrat staff can easily optimize these resources by their expertise, experiences, developing, deploying, operating, performing anomaly resolution, etc

Agile software Developments

DevOps delivery methods and software developments are also operated by advance software and system engineers of Norstrat consulting incorporation. Although sometimes it’s critical to project success while understanding the customers need rightsizing the tool and other process  relatives to software development but our experts ensures that they inform and guide any development efforts.

System engineering

The Norstrat understand the end-to-end requirement of space and ground system very well which are critical and complex components for the nation’s intelligence. Norstrat checks and ensures each system and subsystems thoroughly so it can easily and quickly fulfill the intended mission. The companies’ engineers learn time to time to time and update the knowledge to develop themselves and their techniques to integrate development engineering and integration process. Consulting


The Norstrat consulting insurance company satisfies it’s customers in many ways and that’s the reason why  today it has it’s own name and identity in the market. It gives you the best practices to experience. The services, packages and discounts are all in large number of variety. Starting your work with Norstrat company is one of the good decision for you. I have discussed everything clearly and in detail and delivered the basic information for you to know about the company. Now it is on you to decide where to go and how to Proceed ?

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