The Digital Nomad Life: The Best Freelance Careers for Travelers

As of 2021, there are an estimated 1.1 billion freelance workers globally. That makes an impressive 35 percent of the global workforce. What’s even more impressive is the fact that, over the next five years, full-time remote work will grow by 65 percent.

But what makes freelance careers so attractive to today’s top talent? Well, the freedom to work from anywhere in the world is a major attraction. Indeed, few jobs for travelers can rival the flexibility that online freelance careers offer.

Besides, a freelance career allows you to earn a decent income without confining you to an office. On average, a freelancer earns $67,164 per year.

If the digital nomad life seems like something you’re interested in, we’ve prepared a list of top freelance careers you may want to consider. Keep reading to learn more.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is among the most popular and flexible jobs for people who want to travel. Once you become a freelance writer, you’ll be hired to do a vast array of writing tasks. These include copywriting, ghostwriting, and writing for online or print publications. 

The pay can be very variable, depending on the specific niche and project. But for writers who find a solid niche and establish themselves as experts, it’s easy to find repeat customers and get paid more.

Fortunately, there are many places you can get freelance writing gigs online. Some online sites also offer opportunities in the academic area, where writers can offer both writing and editing services at various academic levels, from Ph.D. to masters to college levels.  

Technical or Medical Writing

What makes technical and medical writing different from regular freelance writing is that they require a specific set of skills. Moreover, the pay for the two freelance jobs is typically much better than that of regular freelance writing. 

As a technical freelance writer, you’ll be hired to create manuals, training materials, and user guides on a variety of scientific or technical subjects. Most writers in this arena have a college degree. However, it’s not a requirement for writers with education or experience in a medical, science, or technology field.

Generally, writers who excel in this field have a unique combination of technical, scientific, or medical knowledge and the skills to communicate that knowledge in a clear and concise manner.  You may need some level of training in technical communication.  

Technical or medical freelance writers can be hired by scientific journals, pharmaceutical companies, IT firms, or other organizations that need professional technical content. 

Virtual Assistant (VA)

As the name suggests, a virtual assistant is basically an online assistant. VAs handle a wide array of tasks, including online research, bookkeeping, email management, lead generation, travel planning, scheduling, and many more. 

Some VAs are hired on an independent freelance basis. Others work as salaried employees.

Travel Blogging

Of the jobs on this freelance careers list, freelance blogging sounds like the most suitable for digital nomads. That’s because you get to do a lot of traveling while building a blog for your experiences on the road.

However, there’s a challenge involved in travel blogging, especially for beginners. Most bloggers take quite some time before they can start making a living wage from their travel blog. You’ll probably need a year or so of hard work before you can start making any real money.

Besides possessing writing and editing skills, you’ll most likely need to know how to build and maintain a website. Other skills needed include developing a brand, marketing, sales, networking, social media, photography, video, and affiliate marketing.

Social Media Manager

The job of a social media manager involves creating online content, scheduling posts on social media networks, and engaging with users online.

The pay varies depending on your level of experience, skillset in your preferred social media platform, and whether or not you have solid references.

Online Editing

Online editors improve the quality of writing submitted by writers or media organizations. As an editor, you can do anything from proofreading to check for minor spelling and grammar errors to making substantive changes to the text. 

Editors typically earn based on the specific project and the field. For instance, editors in such niches and science, medical, or technical writing will generally earn more as such writing needs editors with a similar background. 

Data Entry

Data entry jobs require you to enter or update certain information into a computer program. In most cases, that involves filling out a spreadsheet or form. It’s among the easiest freelance jobs you can find today as it doesn’t require you to have much experience or a high level of education.  

The downside of data entry jobs is that, compared to most other freelance careers on this list, their pay is the lowest. 

Digital Customer Service Representative

Essentially, online customer service representatives do a similar job to customer service employees that work in the office. The main difference is that you’ll be working remotely. 

Your work as an online customer service representative is to interact with clients on behalf of organizations. You’ll be answering customers’ questions about the services and products of a brand. You’re also expected to respond to client comments or even process returns. 

Take Advantage of the Many Freelance Careers Available Today

As remote working continues to flourish, many workers are choosing freelance careers over traditional office jobs. The opportunities are endless, and you can always find an online job that fits your nomad lifestyle.

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