The Cryptocurrency To Watch In 2022

There is no doubt that the digital tokens market is growing at an alarming rate. In 2017, the total value of all cryptocurrencies was just $17.7 billion. Just one year later, that number had exploded to over $800 billion! In 2022, the global market for cryptocurrencies is now worth more than $2 trillion.

As more people become curious and invest in cryptocurrencies, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and invest in the coins at that are likely to see the most remarkable growth in value. 

One cryptocurrency that is expected to do very well in 2022 is Binance Coin (CRYPTO: BNB). Let’s discuss why this coin could be a good investment for the future!

1) It is among the top four cryptocurrency exchanges by volume

Binance is currently the fourth-largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by volume. This means that it has a large user base and many investors trust it. As cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity, Binance will only continue to increase in value. So far, it has more than 25 million registered users and handles over $32.55 billion in trading volume every single day!

2) They have their own BNB currency

Binance has its own cryptocurrency, BNB. This currency can pay for fees, goods, and services on the Binance platform. It can also be used to purchase goods and services from partner companies. As the Binance platform continues to grow, the value of BNB will also increase. The cryptocurrency currently stands at $362, but if it gains traction among investors and is used on many other currencies as an underlying currency, it could easily achieve a higher growth rate in 2022.

3) Blockchain technology

Binance is not just a cryptocurrency exchange; they also have their blockchain technology. This means that they can create their cryptocurrencies and ICOs. This allows them to have a competitive edge over other exchanges and will help increase the value of BNB. Also, since they are not reliant on other blockchain technologies, they can scale faster and handle more transactions.

4) Low trading fees

Binance is among companies with the lowest trading fees in the industry. They only charge 0.1% on all trades. This is a massive advantage over other exchanges and will help attract more investors to their platform. For traders, this means that they can make more profits by trading on Binance. This advantage is likely to continue well into the future, making BNB a good investment for 2022.

5) Steady growth

Binance has shown steady growth over the past year. This is a sign that they are a reliable company with a bright future. As cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity, Binance will only continue to increase in value. It is crucial to invest in cryptocurrencies that have a solid track record and are likely to see continued growth in the future. Binance is definitely one of those coins!All in all, Binance Coin is a cryptocurrency worth watching in 2022. It has a large user base, a solid track record, and low trading fees. It is also backed by Binance’s blockchain technology and has the potential to grow even more in value in the future!

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