The Benefits of Laughter: How To Laugh More and Why It’s Important

Laughter is often referred to as ‘the best medicine’ and it’s no exaggeration. Studies show that laughing has many benefits for your physical and mental health. 

Smiles and laughter can do wonders for your mood and overall well-being. They help you relax, strengthen your immune system, and even make you more attractive. So what keeps us from laughing more? Laughter does not always come easy. We associate it with being a child or being silly, so we don’t take the opportunity to laugh as often as we should. However, if we can learn to laugh more, we can greatly improve our lives. 

Laughing is good for your health. Laughing reduces the risk of heart disease, increases airflow to the lungs, and can lead to greater feelings of happiness. But there are a lot of misconceptions about what it means to laugh that keep people from laughing more often. Here are some ways to start laughing more today that employ a healthy living habit.

Why do we laugh?

We laugh because we can see the funny side of things. In a jocular mood, we often say: ‘Don’t take life so seriously!’ In simple terms, it’s our way of gaining control over our own problems and relieving the stress that we face in the day-to-day routine.

In recent times, however, life has become so serious that laughter is a very rare occurrence. By this, we mean that we no longer see the joke in life. We’re caught up in the stresses of everyday life and find it difficult to see the funny side of things. When we do find ourselves in the mood to laugh, we have so much to worry about that it’s almost impossible to laugh. The good news is that this can change.

Laughing to relieve stress

In addition to actually laughing, you also produce a hormone, called oxytocin, when you’re in the “laughing zone” of your brain. Oxytocin is released from the pituitary gland, located at the base of the brain. It acts on parts of the brain involved in the control of the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, and digestive tract. Oxytocin increases your metabolism and blood flow, making you feel warmer, boosting your immune system, and making you feel more relaxed.

Laughter also releases endorphins, the hormones that are associated with a ‘feel-good’ feeling. A study found that when people were asked to laugh and tell a joke for a few minutes they experienced a significantly lower heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration than when they were given a breathing treatment.

More laughter also makes your breathing slower, increasing your respiratory capacity and giving you the ability to maintain a steady oxygen flow throughout your body. This helps to reduce stress and tension in your body.

Laughing to improve your mood

Laughing improves your mood and your general well-being. It can reduce anxiety and stress, while also helping you sleep better. It is also important to ensure that you’re laughing for the right reasons: not just to try and feel better, but to make the most of what you have.

One thing you can try doing is watching a funny movie with your family and friends. If you want something that will surely bring laughter to the room, download a prank call app and have a prank calling session with your friends. 

Laughing is good for your health

We all know that laughter is good for your health – especially when you’re in the company of good friends and family. But you might not know that the benefits are so extensive that they can make all the difference. It turns out that laughter can make you feel more youthful, energetic, happy, healthy, and attractive.

Medical studies suggest that laughing for 20 to 30 minutes a day, four to five times a week can help to reduce stress levels, improve self-esteem, improve your immune system, and improve your overall quality of life.

Laughing as a form of self-care

Laughter is a social act that is meant to be shared with others. When you laugh, you are actually checking in with others. When you are in the mood to laugh, people will notice and be drawn to you because they know you can make them laugh too. When you laugh, you find joy and fun in the world.

Laughing decreases stress and strengthens your immune system. Stress, anxiety, and anger negatively impact your immune system. Studies show that you can help ease stress and emotional distress simply by being able to laugh. You will have the opportunity to feel more relaxed and more joyful.

Laughter is good for your heart

Laughter improves your cardiovascular health. High levels of stress can lead to heart disease and a reduction in cardiovascular health can lead to an increase in heart disease. Laughter is one of the best ways to decrease stress. Laughter improves cardiovascular health by increasing the heart rate and causing your heart to beat faster.

Laughing makes you happier

In case you still don’t know: laughing makes you happier. Laughing improves your mood and outlook and can make you feel more cheerful and successful. A study by the University of Illinois found that two hours of laughter a day can help you to live longer by as much as five years. Another study found that regular laughter can help you to live longer by as much as two years and helps to alleviate depression.

Laughing boosts your social life

According to research by the University of Illinois at Chicago, people who laugh regularly are more likely to be happy and social. The study, which analyzed 6,500 American adults, found that subjects who laughed more were more likely to be married, less likely to have committed infidelity, and were less likely to be obese.

Laughing makes you more attractive

Laughter has been shown to make you more attractive to others, improve your mood, build confidence, and make you feel more relaxed. Studies show that women find men more attractive and appealing when they smile and laugh, according to a study conducted by Sydney University in 2012. In a similar study conducted in 2003, researchers found that men’s physical attraction to women rose when they smiled.

Just remember to laugh! Laughter is one of the best ways to feel better and embrace life’s joys. Do it and see how your life will change for the better. 
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