The art of looking gorgeous this festive season by choosing the correct lipstick from a cosmetic shop near me

With the festive season and sales coming up, you probably want to reward yourself with a unique makeup item like lipstick. Believe it or not, lipstick compliments your outfit the same way that jewellery does. A lipstick completes every makeup look and can transform every outfit.

There are so many shades and varieties available when it comes to lipsticks that you may wonder what kind of lipstick to get this season from a cosmetic shop near me. We know it’s overwhelming because there are at least a hundred lipsticks at every makeup counter, but this guide is here to simplify it for you.

Types of Lipsticks

Lipsticks come in all different textures, finishes, and consistencies. These are all things you need to consider before buying them!

Sheer Lipstick: These lipsticks are made for dry, chapped, and textured lips. They have moisturizing oils and butter in them, and they add a subtle pop of colour to your lips with a hint of shimmer, perfect for everyday wear or even special occasions. The only drawback is that this lipstick is not long-lasting and requires touching up every four to five hours.

Matte Lipstick: Matte lipsticks give you a gorgeous, smooth, even texture with a classy finish. These lipsticks are pretty long-lasting and an excellent choice for pigmented lips because of their excellent coverage. However, we suggest you use a little bit of lip balm under these lipsticks since they can be a little drying.

Glossy Lipstick: The shiny, watery finish of these lipsticks is to die for. These lipsticks are available in liquid or stick form and are very hydrating. In addition, they offer medium coverage and give you the same finish as a lip gloss with the coverage of a lipstick.

Creme Lipstick: You get a creamy, rich texture and gloss with these lipsticks. They are easy to work with because they glide on your lips and usually have nourishing oils and butter as ingredients. With a high quantity of wax, these lipsticks have a smooth buttery texture. The coverage of these lipsticks usually depends on the shade, but they generally have medium coverage.

Stains or Lip Tints: If you want a vibrant stain that stays all day, a lip stain is made for you. You don’t need to touch up even once throughout the day when you apply these, and they’re practically invincible; sometimes, even the most potent makeup removers struggle to remove them. They’re a bit sheer since they last so long, but you can use multiple layers to build up coverage; they are effortless to layer.

Liquid Matte Lipsticks: These are the newest type of lipsticks on the market but are quickly becoming the latest trend. The only drawback to regular matte lipsticks is that they dry out your lips, right? Liquid lipsticks are the solution to that problem! They are moisturizing while giving you that matte, smooth, even look. In addition, they’re just as pigmented with high coverage.

Matte Balms: If you’re a beginner at makeup, these lipsticks are your best friend in disguise. They are moisturizing but give you a beautiful matte finish with medium coverage and are the easiest of all lipsticks to use. They’re also multipurpose and can be used as blushes or eyeshadows, and they’re pretty long-lasting too.

Balm Tints. Balm tints are hybrids of lipstick and lip balm. They’re just what their name says they are, tinted lip balms that add a pop of colour to your lips while moisturizing them. They usually come with an added SPF as well.

Popular Lipstick Shades 

With so many lipstick colours around, it is challenging to find the perfect shade that suits your skin the most. But, do not worry! Here are some of the most popular lipstick shades in India right now for you to consider.

Nude Lipsticks: Nude lipsticks are lipsticks that are close to your skin tone. It is one of the most popular lipstick shades. But one con is that nude lipstick can make pale or dusky skin look washed out. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you need to choose a shade of lipstick close to your skin tone but slightly darker.

Brown Lipsticks: These shades of lipstick never go out of style. They are essentials in every makeup lover’s lipstick collection as they suit any skin tone. If you have copper or red highlights in your hair, brown lipstick is practically made for you. These shades are perfect for Diwali or Eid.

Red Lipsticks: Red lipsticks can make you feel like a glamorous movie star, and they are a classic that never stops being trendy. These are a must for Christmas and can be retro and modern and elevate any outfit. Variations of red lipstick like maroon lipstick are viral in India and give you a mature look. Every single person has a red lipstick that suits them perfectly; they just need to find it!

Coral Lipsticks: These fun, peachy shades are made for every skin tone. They give you a soft, delicate look while making you look classy and mature, perfect for Easter or Good Friday. It also plays well with bold eye makeup!

Mauve Lipsticks: These lipsticks are the newest trend in India. They come in beautiful hues of purple and plum and look extremely elegant and pleasing at the same time. They also come in berry tones and metallic shades that would look amazing on New Year’s Eve.

Black Lipsticks: While it sounds shocking, more people have been buying black lipstick around this season for one reason and one reason only. You’ve guessed it, Halloween. But, it’s not just Halloween. Sometimes, you don’t want to blend in with the crowd, and you want to stand out. So, there are black lipsticks or even blue lipsticks to compliment your skin tone while turning heads wherever you go.

We’re all lipstick fans in some way or another, and there’s no shame in that. You can never have too many lipsticks, every shade is different, and every finish is different. So we won’t be surprised if you buy every type of lipstick we have mentioned in this list.

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