The 5 Pillars of Digital Marketing

Did you know that over half the world’s population is online? That’s a huge number of people exposed to the benefits of digital marketing.

It allows companies the opportunity to find the perfect customer. What’s more, they do so knowing they’ll provide the best services in the world.

So suppose you’re wondering where to start with digital marketing for dummies. Here are five pillars of digital marketing to get you started on your way to success.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing has been around since the beginning of the internet as the oldest of the digital marketing foundations. But it wasn’t until recently that content became more than an asset, and it can also generate leads and sales.

Content marketing encompasses anything from blogs and article writing to video creation and social media posts. The key thing about this type of marketing is that it creates value for both the company and its customers.

First, the company benefits by having better brand awareness or increased traffic to its website. But they can also provide great service, which will help them build relationships with potential clients.

2. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing focuses on attracting customers through quality content, and it’s more trustworthy than older forms of marketing. By focusing on quality, you can establish trust and gain long-term relationships.

Inbound marketing involves organic lead generation, which means it pulls people in by drawing their attention. Businesses using viral marketing in all its formats are a great example of this in action.

3. Social Media Marketing

The rise of social media means businesses can create content with little cost. Further, it enables communication among peers and a more personal touch with customers.

That helps build trust within the community. In turn, this increases brand awareness and leads to increased traffic to your website. Businesses are using companies like Site Altitude to grow their social media presence faster than ever before.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing grows in popularity because it provides a great return on investment. If done well, emails can provide a constant stream of new prospects and customers.

What’s more, the recent surge in automation and AI has seen a resurgence in email marketing. Automation allows you to push out the best promotions to the right people at the right time.

5. Mobile Marketing

Mobile devices continue to become more popular as the newer foundations of digital marketing. Thus, it makes sense to include mobile marketing in any strategy.

The key thing to note is that users expect instant gratification from apps and websites. So make sure they’re easy to use and don’t take too much time loading!

What’s more, most of us now use mobile devices to access all the other pillars mentioned above. So there’s no denying focusing your efforts on mobile marketing is a must in today’s digital world.

The Five Pillars of Digital Marketing Support Growth

To achieve success in today’s market, you need a strong marketing strategy. And one of those plans should involve investing in some form of digital marketing.

It may seem like a lot of work at first, but once you get started, you’ll find it becomes easier each day. You’re bound to see results after a few months of consistent effort in ensuring the five pillars of digital marketing help support your business!

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