Supplement To Improve Your Dogs Quality Of Life

If only life was as carefree as swinging in a hammock all day under the trees, the gentle breeze rocking you back and forth, and the quiet of nature going about its business like a harmonious soundtrack.

Dogs deserve all of these experiences and more, and while it may mean simply lying on the grass with them outside in the shade, there is always that little bit extra we can give them to have a great life. And this is where we begin.

What can we do to ensure they have the longevity to enjoy life to the fullest? Walk more, buy more toys, these all help, but the best gift you can give is a healthy lifestyle and diet. Bodies react differently to natural food compared to processed foods and the same goes for our pets, read an interesting article on it here to learn more about animals and appropriate nutrition.

The natural world.

Ingredients grown naturally and without the use of man-made chemicals or growth hormones are by far a better option if you are looking for a long-term health effect. Too often we get drawn in by clever advertising and flashy ad campaigns that offer us the world in a bottle, unfortunately, it only lasts so long. The effects wear off and you are forced to buy more.

This vicious cycle, however, gets our bodies used to a certain product and it ends up having a diluted result or none at all. And so, we increase the dosage or try something stronger both of which are not great options and the negative side-effects far outweigh the positives they claim.

And this can be even more detrimental if the end dosage ends up being double if not triple the recommended amount for your dog, you may think you are helping them but this is not the case.

You want an ingredient that has been sourced from nature, a renewable product so it isn’t simply a one-off gimmick, and which effects are standard and maintained irrespective of how long you use it. What you pay for is what you get, you can trust it, rely on it, and know the effects it brings to the table. Look for companies who won’t compromise quantity over quality, and take your pup’s best interest to heart. This is your furball after all we need to give him the best, am I right?

Organic versus man-made.

We know there is a difference when asked the question but do we understand the dynamics behind the ingredients and products, why one is considered better than the other for some people, and why they choose the way they do.

If you want to give your pet a mass-produced generic product as part of their diet do you think the manufacturers would think more about getting as many items on shelves in supermarkets, or work on the ‘less is more option’? They may have some percentage of nutrients in them, certainly not the full spectrum, but what makes them less appealing is that they sometimes contain preservatives (which allow them to sit on the shelf for months on end) or additives.

Organic ingredients on the other hand are far more eco-friendly (click this link to see a more in-depth description) as they are regulated by farming and harvesting standards to ensure no harmful pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals are used.

Let see some of the top benefits of using natural ingredients, it could be vegetables, proteins, and even the increasingly popular plants and herbs.

  • Freshness. Fresher products always look and taste better because they are preservative-free, so try to support local businesses and buy from the area or better yet in your village if possible. Farmers often produce more often in smaller quantities to maintain quality.
  • Environmentally sound. Natural extraction and harvesting processes produce less pollution, offer less soil irritation, and thus makes it the better choice. A big factor that is mentioned more frequently is that without the chemicals and pesticides used in generic farming the wildlife in the area has increased.
  • Nutrients. Studies have shown that meats and milk are richer in minerals and vitamins using regular manufacturing methods and essentially the crops and plants are left to grow at their free will rather than being diluted or lost in the conventional methods.
  • GMO. The last thing you want is to give your pet a product that has been ‘created’ and ‘modified’ by man to resist all pesticides or infections. The plant genetics have been altered and is a GMO or Genetically Modified Organism healthy in any way?

There is certainly a lot to think about, and while your dog’s health and diet are the main concern, don’t run out and buy the first product that claims to be pet-friendly or free from all negatives.

Supplements like CBD for dogs can be added into pet meal plans safely and healthily, with careful research and homework, and keeping your dog’s nutrition a top priority. Look at labels that list the full spectrum of ingredients, from natural plants such as CBD to unwanted additives and flavorings.

Like with all products it may not be for everyone but if your four-legged friend is showing signs of joint or hip stiffness and pain (which they can’t tell us about, but a limp or wince is a quick indicator) then it is worth a try. And the fact that it comes from nature is a plus.

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