Summer Learning Loss: What You Need to Know and What to Do About It

Are you worried about your child retaining information during the summer? 

As children, summer is a time to play and have fun. Kids have the privilege of not having to work during the warm summer months. This means that they might experience summer learning loss.

But what is summer learning loss, and how can you help your child avoid it? We’re here to talk about it. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Summer Learning Loss?

If your child is in a standard school schedule, they have summer vacation off. There are pros and cons to this. Children need a break to let themselves recuperate and retain important knowledge, but unfortunately, that break may cause problems for children who struggle with retention to start with.

Many administrators are weighing the pros and cons of year-round schooling as an alternative, but for the moment, summer learning loss is an inevitable reality.

While children can better retain knowledge when they have time to rest, too much time creates a gap in learning. Simple concepts that aren’t yet solidified in the child’s brain may not make it to the new school year. 

This may be more true for students who don’t have as much access to education or enrichment during the summer, such as low-income children. 

How Can You Combat It?

So short of putting your child in summer school or finding a year-round school option, how can you help curb summer learning loss for your child? 

If you’re able to afford it, consider sending your child to a day camp instead of hiring a babysitter or a standard daycare. There are day camps for all types of skills and activities, and they may help your child learn new things and retain information that they learned in school.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to stay home with your children, we suggest using a variety of activities and games to combat learning loss.

Check out this article about games that you can play with your entire family. Not only will family games strengthen the bond that your child has with you (and the other family members), but they’ll also inspire creativity and fun learning without the stress of schoolwork.

We also suggest trying fun summer learning activities with your child. Use the Montessori method of hands-on learning. Arts and crafts activities, for example, are great teaching tools. 

Create puppet show plays with your child based on a book that they read to promote reading comprehension. Go on nature walks to enhance their interest and understanding of science. Consider taking day trips to zoos, museums, galleries, and anywhere else that they may be able to learn something without feeling like they’re “working.” 

At least once per week, have your child do some kind of academic learning activity and reward them for it. You can ask them to read and summarize a book, do a fun writing activity, do some math problems, or do anything else that will facilitate learning in an area that they’re struggling with.

Help Your Child Learn This Summer

Summer learning loss can be a problem, but you can fight it with fun games and activities. Provide summer enrichment for your child via day camps or at-home projects. Do routine check-ins to make sure that they’re retaining important information.

Let your child enjoy their summer, but make sure that they stay on track!

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