Study and Stay in China: Questions and answers

Study and Stay in China: Questions and answers

Is Chinese cuisine suitable for foreign students? Where to eat?

Canteens are located on campus. Many dishes are adapted for international students. In the dining rooms you can find such completely spicy dishes as beef with pasta, chicken with mashed potatoes, fish with rice. There is also a large selection of salads: cucumbers, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots. Large selection of soups: chicken soup, beef soup, fish soup, vegetable soup. Portions are large. The price of one lunch is under 100 bucks.

Where is a foreign student treated in China?

As per the reports of MBBS consultancy abroad, each campus in China usually has its own medical centre. For the most part, there is a public hospital relatively close to campus. In all serious cases, the university curator accompanies the student to the hospital and helps in communicating with doctors. Chinese medicine is considered one of the best in the world. In most cases, treatment is covered by insurance in China.

Where does a foreign student live in China?

As a rule, students live on campus in hotel-type dormitories in 2-bed rooms, where there is a separate shower and toilet, 24 hours hot water and Internet. Basically, these are modern buildings that cannot be compared at all with conventional student dormitories. Live comfortably and have fun.

Is it difficult to learn Chinese?

Usually 100% of students who just attend all classes, successfully master the Chinese language in the 1st year! More than 400,000 foreign student study in China. China ranks 3rd in the world in the number of foreign students! If Chinese were as heavy as some scholars think, it would not be so popular!

How safe is it to live in China?

Students live on a guarded campus. Security checkpoints are installed along the perimeter of the campus. The campus has everything you need for living and studying, including shops, ATMs and canteens. It is very safe to live and study in MBBS College China. According to officially published crime rates, China is one of the safest countries in the world!

Do you guarantee a study grant in China?

MBBS consultancy abroad will select the most accessible and appropriate training program for their students. They are direct representatives of Chinese educational institutions. By contacting them, you receive a 100% guarantee to receive a study grant in China!

Is taking admission in MBBS college China easy?

Enrolling for MBBS in China is an easy unlike any other in the world. The eligibility criteria are set by keeping student’s convenience in mind. And the best part is international students won’t have to pass any entrance exam for study medicine fields. Not only this saves your time, but also motivates you to perform better in future.

Chinese has some the finest MBBS universities in the world. The secret behind their success is low fee structure, better educational facilities and safe campuses. These characteristics of Chinese medical universities attract thousands of foreign students from different parts of the world. Another plus point is, you become better in Mandarin by living and studying with native Chinese speakers.


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