Scent Marketing: 5 Amazing Effects Smell Has on Your Customers

Did you know that smell is the strongest human sense?

We don’t just get pleasure out of certain scents, but we are also alerted to danger with certain smells. We connect our emotions and memories to smell.

Since smell has such a powerful impact on us as humans, scent marketing has a ton of benefits for your business as well.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of scent marketing!

1. Improve First Impressions

One of the first things customers may notice when they walk into your store is how it smells. This doesn’t take a few minutes, but rather a few seconds before they’ve already formed an opinion on the scent of your store.

If you make a good impression in the first few seconds, you’re winning.

As a customer walks through the store, their brain works to determine what emotions they feel in the store based on the smells.

Adding good scents to your store will help customers have a good feeling about it!

2. Willing to Spend More

A study in 2012 showed that shoppers in a mall with good scents were 20% more likely to spend more on purchases than those who did not have any scents.

Ready to increase your sales? Add some commercial scent marketing!

3. Tap Into Customer Emotions

Humans are emotionally attached to smells.

The smell of sugar may remind us of our mom’s kitchen. The smell of men’s cologne can remind us of our son or our partner.

We attach memories and emotions to smells more so than any other sense we have.

Because of this, picking the right scents can create certain emotions in customers. By doing this, you are going to make shopping more enjoyable.

For instance, if you make your store smell like Evergreen trees around Christmas time, customers will most likely be a bit happier and buy more from you since they are spending longer in your store.

Ready to get some scents to try? Get some here.

4. Smells Can Enhance Learning

This seems crazy, right?

But certain scents can actually make learning easier!

Using specific scents during employee training or customer workshops will increase learning and sales outcomes for your business.

5. Scents Can Make Customers Happier

Why do you think people light a candle while they work? Or light a candle when they take a bath?

Because these scents make them happy!

Choosing specific scents can make your customers happier, and they will associate that happiness with your store! Say hello to them coming back over and over again.

Time to Use Scent Marketing

Now that you know that scent marketing can have drastic effects on your customers because of the power of smell, it’s time you get your own scent marketing strategy!

Enjoy learning about the power of smell and scent marketing? Check out more of our blogs to learn more tips and tricks for your business! 

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