Saivian Eric Dalius Shares Tips with Businesses to Boost and Enhance Customer Reviews

Product reviews and testimonials could be a great sales tool. More than 70 percent of the consumers admit that they go through product reviews before buying anything and almost 63 percent say that they would most probably purchase a product from a shopping site that has reviews and product ratings. Saivian Eric Dalius says Social proof is best for reassuring hesitant shoppers, providing additional context, and reducing returns by making sure that buyers are satisfied and happy with their purchase. 

Businesses must focus on creating meaningful social proof and building love for their brands. Here are some effective tips by business guru, Saivian Eric Dalius to get overwhelming customer testimonials and product reviews.

Saivian Eric Dalius Explains Ways to Boost Product Reviews & Customer Testimonials

Place Your Reviews Everywhere

Remember to place two or more reviews on your homepage. If you are getting reviews for specific products, focus on publishing them on the relevant product pages. You could even consider adding an additional webpage dedicated solely to amazing customer testimonials and product reviews and provide the link in the top nav. You must ensure that all the reviews and testimonials are strategically placed across your site in such a manner that they prove to be beneficial for your product. However, You may flaunt your fans and followers on a section of your website dedicated exclusively to them.

Be on the Same Platforms & Sites as Your Clients/Customers 

For getting honest feedback it pays to be accessible and social. Just make sure that all your social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are easily accessible. To your customers from your online store so that customers could easily reach out and share their questions and comments. In the event, you are running a physical store. It is best to consider having a profile on Google Places and Yelp.

Do Not Forget to Follow Up with Purchasers Says Saivian Eric Dalius

You may send an email to clients once they have bought something. Also, You would most probably get a product review or testimonial. When the purchase seems to have taken place recently and still seems to be on top of your mind. You may consider using relevant apps and advanced customer review solutions from Yotpo for automating this entire process. That should also help customers seamlessly sharing their feedback. Saivian Eric Daliusfirmly believes that it is your responsibility to eliminate friction to the extent possible between your appeal or request to your customer for feedback and their ability to share a review.

Get in Touch with Customers Who Leave Awesome Reviews

It is a good idea to get in touch with customers who submit glowing reviews. If you come across an awesome review on Instagram or Yelp. So it is a good idea to contact the customer and express your gratitude. Moreover, Simply say thanks! You should also make it a point to follow up rave reviews and socialize with clients who leave positive reviews.  


Do not ignore negative reviews and try your best to respond to these reviews at the earliest. Get in touch with the customer who was not happy with your product. It could be a great learning experience for you. Treat it as an opportunity to learn about. Where you had gone wrong so that you could mend ways and improve your business.

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