Running 101: How Finding the Right Running Shoe Impacts Your Training

According to a recent study, as high as 75% of runners are hurt annually due to shoes and form.

Running is one of the best forms of exercise. It builds stamina, muscle and strengthens the cardiovascular system. But, it can also be one of the most impacting forms of movement.

When training, your body propels your weight, and the impact is felt from your feet to your spine. With that said, why would you not consider investing in finding the right running shoe?

The Nike Cortez may be the answer you need to eliminate the strain caused by intense training and running.

Read this guide to better understand the benefits of Nike Cortez running shoes and how they impact your training.

Is Finding the Right Running Shoe Necessary?

The simplified answer is yes. Running shoes are the only tools runners use and are just as important as any other athlete equipment.

Your feet take on all the pressure and need to be supported. A lot of people, especially novice runners, are not aware and underestimate the importance of proper running shoes.

A variety of sports shoes are on the market for every type of exercise. If you’re a runner, you want to consider shock absorbency, the shape of your foot, as well as joint coverage.

Minimal injuries such as a sprained ankle, fractures, and toe blisters are a result of poor worn footwear, but there are bigger injuries like ankle breaks and Metatarsalgia, a type of pain in the ball of the foot, that can be aggravated with the wrong size footwear.

One shoe that provides a perfect balance of these is the Nike Cortez. Designed in the 1970s this shoe defined the way runners trained and propelled their abilities to reach new records. 

Feet Protection

The fit, the most important aspect, is where your search needs to begin. There is nothing more painful than a shoe that is too small, too large, too tight, or with a narrow heel that rubs and causes blistering.

The midsole is a considering factor because that defines how much strain is absorbed into the shoe rather than the body. A midsole too small may not provide the right coverage for the whole foot, while on the other side of the spectrum, overly large midsoles can cause ankle rolling.

That is why the Cortez is designed with a midsole for every foot size in a lightweight wedge style. The material can withstand any sizeable amount of weight that it’s under and absorbs the right amount of shock needed to sustain stamina.

It would be best if you take time to try both feet of the shoes on. Depending on the store, it is possible to test run at the location or home on a workout machine before making a final decision.


A Runner can be split into two groups of body form depending on pronation, the way the arch collapses throughout the running leg cycle. The collapse of the arch is your body’s instinct ability to absorb the shock of impact with the ground. 

In some cases, runners arch can collapse too far, meaning they have flat feet that roll inward excessively while they run. Sometimes they don’t pronate enough, which is an arch that refuses to collapse.

With this in mind, finding a shoe whose midsole properly supports the natural shaping of your foot could assist in better form and ultimately faster running.

Extra cushioned trainers promote a heel strike pattern whereas track flats and barefoot running promote a pattern of forefoot or midfoot striking. Training in over-cushioned trainers by a competitive runner has not been ruled to be dangerous to performance, but it does change the pattern of the leg cycle if it’s not right for your particular foot.

The EVA foam material used by Nike Cortez shoes was optimally chosen to be the middle-ground that supports both runners who opt for cushion or support. The recent revamp of the classic model gives runners more range of motion, so the runner doesn’t need to worry about soreness.


It’s important to find the right shoe that can withstand the constant pressures placed on it as well as the outside natural elements. The standard distance a pair of runners should withstand is between 600-700 kilometers. Depending on how much you run, train, and the shoe’s construction, shoes can last a few weeks, months, or even years.

One main focus when considering durability is how breathable it is. If a shoe does not provide proper ventilation then it can suffocate your feet and can trap odors that are hard to get out.

To combat this, Nike’s running Cortez’s created their shoes out of porous materials such as nylon and fly knit. The airflow it provides allows the shoes to last longer than average and can even outlast their competitors who promise yearly guarantees.


Whether you run on the sidewalk, gravel rocks, grassy areas, on a track, or a beach, the type of surface of the ground alters the needs of your body. When considering training shoes, the level of traction needed for outside terrain in your favorite training area could be the defining aspect of your speed versus injury.

While other shoes only focus on the midsole, Cortez’s specifically designed durable plastic outsoles stabilize the foot and provide interlocking grooves to run on every terrain without losing traction.


Consider how much your budget is for your training shoes. They do not need to break the bank, but you must remember that this choice prevents future hospital bills and other fees in the long run. 

Running shoes can sell in the range of $100-$250 and a great majority of Cortez’s sit happily in the middle range. The Nike Cortez women’s shoe line offers an array of design choices that fit every style because a running shoe you’re happy with motivates you to use them.

Elite Shoes for Elite Performance

When you invest in finding the right running shoe, you invest in the effort and hard work that you’ve trained so hard for. The Nike Cortez shoes will elevate your performance so you can set goals higher and run faster.

Don’t settle for second place.

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