Retirement Villages: Amenities in Provision

Retirement villages are rapidly emerging societies equipped with various amenities specially designed for senior citizens in countries worldwide. In Australia, these residential hubs qualify as ideal homes for the elderly, and being 2,200 in number, and they make it the second-highest country in possession. Retirement villages in Sydney contribute massively to this number for citizens aged 55 and above. The critical difference between these villages and nursing homes is the variety, infrastructure, and services offered.

These villages are built keeping in mind the comfort and preference of senior citizens. It comprises a community of ground-up individual homes with access to indoor and outdoor recreational facilities. Moreover, it provides elderly members access to all facilities available generally in the city and allows them to mingle with people their age. It is a safe space that ensures both the physical and mental wellness of senior citizens. And apartments with adequate lift services and government approval can qualify as retirement villages.

Amenities provided in most retirement villages in Sydney include:

  • Medical Care

Senior living societies are equipped with fully trained medical staff living in the community who provide them with first-aid and emergency medical assistance. Besides, most villages are connected to leading hospitals that the residents can utilize for special treatment, consultations, or regular medical check-ups. Authorities will arrange transportation for the same upon request.

Most villages provide special at-home medical services for their residents, such as physiotherapy, grooming, feeding, etc. And for residents requiring extra care and support, communities have a Continuous Care Retirement facility that gives them access to help to go about their daily activities from the comfort of their homes.

  •  Food & Nutrition

Residents in retirement villages have two options:

  • Cook meals in their kitchens.
  • Have fresh and delicious restaurant quality food at the community café prepared according to one’s dietary requirements.
  •  Recreational Environment

A considerable part of this community’s attraction is the activities senior residents can engage in. Many villages have yoga, meditation, and various sports activities like swimming, badminton, and tennis. These activities help residents mingle with like-minded people, individuals having similar hobbies in the same age group and provide emotional support and happiness during the post-retirement period.

  • Hosting Kith & Kin

Since the people living in the villages live in houses lent out on a lease or rental basis, they possess the homes, and hence they can choose to invite their family and friends whenever they wish. Meanwhile, these benefits are non-existent in nursing homes, which is why retirement villages are in demand today.

  • Safety & Security

Retirement villages are proven to be a secure environment for seniors. From basic protection amenities like 24/7 monitored CCTV cameras at different points and one/two security guards for each house to trained staff capable of providing immediate assistance when emergencies occur, villages strive to provide the best and safest environment for their citizens. Besides, since health is of topmost priority, these communities also have on-call doctors and ambulances available throughout the day.

If one owns or leases out a retirement village anywhere in the city boasting the Opera House, they have to follow the laws and regulations under The Retirement Villages Act 1999. Besides providing an exceptional amount of freedom and peace of mind for the senior citizens, these villages:

  • Instil and promote a sense of independence and choice among senior citizens.
  • Provide older people with a space to rejuvenate their innate skills and the prerequisite to learn new ones.
  • Impact the health and wellness of the citizens in a good way.
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