Recruiting 101: 3 Pro Tips for Headhunting

7 out of 10 candidates are passive job seekers, and this number only goes up for executive candidates.

So, as a professional headhunter, there is a huge demand for your services. Many companies will depend on you to help them fill the executive positions in their organization. Given the confidence these companies have in you, it’s frustrating to let them down.

So, how can you become a great headhunter who all top brands turn to for help?

Keep reading to learn three pro tips for headhunting.

1. Do Your Research

As a headhunter, you need to find as much information as you can on the candidates you’re targeting. You want to find out these candidates’ personalities and their biggest motivation. Also, you need to get details on how much these candidates are earning from their current positions.

The idea is to get information that you’ll use when you contact these individuals. You want to know the best time to talk to them when they’re giving you attention. Besides, you need to know the ideal way to approach them and create a positive impression.

One of the benefits of being a headhunter is having a huge contact list. So, you should take advantage of this contact list to get the information you need. You want to reach out to the co-workers of the candidates you’re targeting.

2. Learn How to Build Rapport

As you learn how to be a headhunter, you must educate yourself on building rapport. Understand that it’ll sound weird when you approach a stranger with an amazing job opportunity. Most people won’t take you seriously, and they’ll assume you’re a scammer.

That’s why you need to learn how to build a relationship with the candidates you’re targeting. You want to make these people trust you and listen to your job offer. Besides, you want them to open up and tell you their biggest motivation.

3. Be Open and Transparent

Many new headhunters assume that they must lie and exaggerate things when talking to candidates. The idea is to persuade them to work for a given company. The problem is that soon candidates discover the lies, and this damages these headhunters’ reputations.

That’s why no matter what, it’s ethical to always be open and transparent in your headhunter occupation. Yes, this will cause some candidates to cut you off, especially if they don’t like your offer. However, it’ll help you build a positive reputation which is key to attracting more clients in the future.

Grow Your Career by Enhancing Your Headhunting Skills

With so many companies seeking professional headhunting services, this is one of the best career fields. That’s why you should strive to find practical resources on how to be a headhunter. To enjoy amazing headhunter benefits, you need to adopt the above tips.

The idea is to know what it takes to become a great headhunter who delivers fantastic results.

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