Reasons Young People Like Living in Pittsburgh

If you’re a young person, now is an excellent time to visit Pittsburgh. Consider moving to the City of Bridges if you’re in that age group and now live somewhere else—in an area where prospects appear restricted. It would be a sensible decision for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that Pittsburgh is a stunning city. Although the real estate home market remains heated, there are clues that you can shop without being burned. Pittsburgh houses for Sale are on the market, and prices are starting to drop. Continue reading to learn why young people like to live in Pittsburgh.

Local Breweries

New breweries are springing up everywhere around the city. These venues are ideal for both indoor and outdoor social gatherings and celebrations, and many even have delicious food menus or rotating food truck schedules to complement their local brews.

Affordable Living

Pittsburgh is routinely praised for being one of the most livable cities in the United States. Community, green space, healthcare, arts and culture, and education are just a few of the features that make Pittsburgh a fun, interesting, and pleasant place to live. Pittsburgh is even a “Blue Zone” in the United States!

People Keep Coming Back

Years ago, it was typical for tourists to associate Pittsburgh solely with its steel-making history. However, with a slew of other sectors springing up, Pittsburgh’s reputation has grown to encompass more than just steel mills. Pittsburgh’s revival has given the city a national and worldwide reputation as a must-see destination.

The People

The Pittsburghers are unrivaled. Their affection for this city is palpable, and you can sense it all around you. Folks who visit Pittsburgh frequently say how amazed and moved they are by the people’s warmth and kindness. For many, something as simple as individuals simply saying hello and asking how your day is going is refreshing. It’s not unusual for Pittsburghers to begin up a conversation with you while waiting in line at the grocery store or after sitting next to you at a Pirates game. In Pittsburgh, people are cheerful, and their spirit and energy are contagious.

Kennywood Park

Kennywood is a beloved Pittsburgh icon that’s difficult to put into words until you’ve seen it for yourself. The Steel Curtain, Pennsylvania’s highest rollercoaster, debuted recently at Kennywood’s latest addition to Steelers Country. Kennywood provides something for everyone, regardless of which NFL team you root for. And, most significantly, something that everyone can agree on: sharing a plate of Potato Patch fries is always a highlight of any trip to the park.


The Pittsburgh skyline is a sight that never gets old, with its distinctive yellow bridges intertwining between streets of modern and antique architecture. Whether it’s your first or thousandth time driving into the city through the Fort Pitt tunnel, the view of the cityscape is incomparable and really unlike any other.

Great Neighborhoods

There are 90 neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, each with its own personality and hidden jewels to discover. One of the many things that keeps Pittsburgh feeling like a “little big city” – one that’s comfortable and friendly, but with so much variation that you can always be exploring and experiencing something new – is the diversity of the neighborhoods.

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