Reasons why you should avoid buying Instagram followers

Instagram is likely going to suspend your account

To create a fake account is something that Instagram frowns at in its terms of use and thus a ghost or bot are purged regularly. If you buy followers, you might get a warning, your account might be disabled temporarily, you could use the followers that you paid for, and the worst case scenario could be that, Instagram might suspend your account.

Brands might be able to tell and will not want to work with you

There are plenty of tools which is easy that will show any dirty secrets to brand partners who might want to associate it. If you are a growing influencer, the worst thing that you can do to your career is to try and buy followers. Instead of purchasing them, majority of the influencers try to get rid of whatever fake follower they have so that they increase their rates of engagement and improving their attractiveness to brands.

Real people will be able to tell and they will cringe

A profile which comprises of fake followers can be flagged out by anyone who regularly uses Instagram. A higher count of followers without engagement to be able to back it up is something that is looked at as a desperate move. It means that any real people follower who engages on your posts will get to notice that and it will turn them off.

What to do instead of purchasing Instagram followers

If you are yearning for your Instagram followers to grow, there are various ways which you can be in a position to find real humans who will then connect with your message and engage with your content and thus help buy the product.

Post content which can earn engagements that are high from your target audience

If you are planning to grow the count of your followers, you can utilize your current followers. Engagement shows the algorithm of Instagram which should show your great content to the newcomers on your platform as well.

Your followers are going to get onto your post in various places:

  • The hashtag search
  • The explore page

What it means is that, your posts are going to show up only in such locations if the likes you have you have genuinely earned them.

Including your Instagram in your other activities for marketing 

If your algorithm for the Instagram is not delivering results that you yearn for, then you need to promote your page on Instagram somewhere else. You can as well do it in real life

  • Try linking your Instagram from your website
  • Encourage your customers in your land-based store or your restaurant to post, follow, and tag through a hashtag which is branded or a QR code that is on your menu
  • Ditto it in your newsletter
  • Cross promote through your various social media accounts
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