Questions You Should Ask Your Boca Raton Psychiatrist

In matters of mental health and wellness, the number of unanswered questions and misinformation doing the rounds is unthinkable. Much of this stigma regarding mental health comes from the lack of awareness about different disorders and their manifestations. Seeking the help of an online dr can be immensely useful in managing such issues and leading a healthy and happy life.

However, it is completely understandable if you feel too worried or anxious before the first consultation with a psychiatrist. After all, be it your mental health or your loved ones, you wouldn’t want any missteps. So, it helps to prepare a set of questions beforehand to ask your psychiatrist prior to the treatment.

Top eight questions to ask the best psychiatrist in Chennai

Here’s outlining the most pertinent questions you need to ask your psychiatrist without any hesitation. 

1. What is your background in the field of psychiatry as an online dr?

It is a question that you should definitely ask your psychiatrist because it acts as the icebreaker towards the concerns regarding whether you are seeing the right specialist. Knowing about the background of the psychiatrist will make you confident that you are getting the treatment from an expert who will give you the care and attention you need. 

2. Do I need to get actively involved in taking care of the patient?

If you took it upon yourself to seek a psychiatrist for your friend, relative, or parents, it’s natural to feel responsible to take care of the patient. However, before you do that, talk to the specialist about what your involvement should be in that person’s recovery. Based on the severity and nature of the issue, the psychiatrist might ask you to maintain a distance or take up complete responsibility.

3. What changes can I expect from seeing the best psychiatrist in Chennai and by when?

It is hard to predict a specific treatment period for psychiatrist evaluations because the success is heavily dependent on the co-operation of the patient. Regardless of that, it’s always better to talk to your psychiatrist regarding general treatment and rehabilitation duration experienced by earlier patients because it gives a basic idea about what to expect.

4. What will happen if I discontinue the medications midway?

An important step in the process of recovery is timely medical supervision and monitoring of a patient. In case you act as someone’s secondary caregiver, make sure to ask the specialist about the time and duration of the medication that’s prescribed. So, you need to be completely prepared if there is any unfortunate occurrence of sudden discontinuation.

5. What are the major side-effects of the medicine?

The psychiatrist will thoroughly analyze the medical history of the patient before prescribing any medication. But as one of the precautionary measures, make sure to talk to the expert about the probable behavioral changes or side-effects that you should or shouldn’t expect after taking the medication.

6. Will my symptoms erase completely?

The process of the treatment might be long and need multiple visits to the psychiatrist and take some time for showcasing improvements. Being a caregiver to a person who is struggling mentally, you can ask about the results of the therapy. It will aid you in understanding how to deal with the symptoms better.

7. Can I get addicted to the medicine?

Substance abuse and dependency do not simply come from illegal drugs. Patients can even start abusing prescription medicines when they feel a rising need for it that goes beyond the prescribed dosage or requirement. In order to avoid any such instance from occurring, talk to a psychiatrist regarding the impact of the medication and the best ways to deal with the abuse.

8. What happens if a dose is missed?

Withdrawal syndromes are natural when you are trying to stop taking some kind of medication. However, certain treatments might also make you develop withdrawal syndromes when you miss any dose. It is something to take into account if you have a busy schedule or usually find it hard to stick to treatments. It might not be an issue if the medication, as in the cases of most anti-anxiety therapies, is taken only when needed.

The bottom line

The fact is that a psychiatrist understands your apprehension and anxiety regarding choosing the right specialist. So, they will never stop you from asking questions or leave those questions unanswered. Thus, you can go ahead and ask any queries you have without any hesitation. It is important to be transparent to your psychiatrist from the start.

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