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Project managers are a valuable asset for any company, who play a key role in strengthening the foundation of business by defining the project workflows and ensuring adequate execution. As per the PMI-commissioned talent gap analysis by Anderson Economic Group, the demand for project managers is likely to grow by 33%, leading to the creation of about 22 million jobs by the end of 2027. If you seek a career in project management, then holding a bachelor’s degree will be enough. However, if you want to climb the career ladder faster, you will have a higher qualification, such as a project management certification or PMP certification.

The PMP or Project Management Professional is a designation offered by the prestigious Project Management Institute. Obtaining a PMP certification helps in distinguishing you from the rest of the crowd. These days, you can easily find top organizations seeking PMP-certified professionals for handling projects. The exam for PMP certification is a hard one and requires undivided attention and hard work to crack. However, given the benefits, it’s worth having a PMP certification. So without wasting any time, let’s learn in detail about the pros of a PMP certification.

Top 5 Pros of a PMP certification

The top 5 pros of a PMP certification are detailed below:

  • It helps in career growth

The PMP certification is popular worldwide and is acknowledged widely by the entire business community. By seeking a PMP certification, you get into the notice of prominent employers and get the chance to form a strong professional network. You just get in touch with the right people who will help you grow in your career by showing you ways that can land you high-paying jobs and thorough knowledge of the business.

  • It helps you strengthen your skills

Seeking the PMP certification is not everyone’s cup of tea as it requires rigorous training and dedication. The comprehensive coursework one goes through before seeking the PMP certification helps to gain an in-depth understanding of core concepts of business such as project planning, project initiation, implementation, monitoring, managing, and finally closing. While obtaining the PMP certification, you just learn all the nitty-gritty of project management which can be further implemented for better project execution.

  • Helps you increase your marketability

A PMP certification will help you fetch jobs in any part of the world. It allows you to increase your professional marketability to a greater extent and enrich your experience as a project manager. Furthermore, you will get in touch with other individuals seeking PMP certification and through various project management forums and discussion sites that will help you build on your knowledge and experience.

  • Helps you have higher pay

PMP certified are valued more than the non-certified ones and the same thing reflects in their salaries too. As soon as you get PMP certified, you just can demand a good hike in your salary or an immediate increment in your pay. According to Glassdoor, the average pay of a PMP certified professional is ₹15,00,000 which may increase with experience.

  • Helps to enhance your CV

The PMP certification helps enhance your CV as it demonstrates your eagerness to learn in detail about project management and the skills developed during learning. Merely mentioning PMP certification will let you grab the attention of the top employers and strengthen your chances of getting a new dream job.

The benefits of a project management certificate are not just restricted to the ones mentioned by us. Irrespective of the field you are associated with, whether finance, commerce, technology, research, or business, the PMP certification will prove valuable for getting better employment opportunities and paving the way for you to new markets, industries, and even various other countries!

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