Preparation tips for olympiads.

Life is not easy but it can never be too tough. Life is like a game and we all are the players in it. And to participate in a game is much more important than to win or lose. In today’s world, there are lots of competitions among the children, youth and even among the adults. But For the sake of winning or achieving the desired goal people focus on how to pull others backwards which is very much disappointing. Because in the urge of letting others loose neither they can win nor they can achieve anything as in this journey only focused on how to defeat the opponents but not on how to achieve the goal.

International mathematics olympiad is one of the competitive exams and is the oldest of international science olympiads. The preparatory process for several exams is not different. What’s different is only the exam pattern and syllabus.

To get success in Math Olympiad or any other exam the very first step should be knowing the syllabus in detail and planning a study schedule accordingly. But to have believed in yourself is even more important. The Internet these days has become the most important part of life and makes it very easy to find something in a couple of seconds. So for a detailed syllabus of maths olympiad, you can take help directly from the internet itself.

Let’s come to the study schedule. Here, the most important thing is your patience and willpower to strictly follow the timetable and to be very much sincere about the thing which you are going to start. Never go for continuous sitting as it can cause mental fatigue or strain in your eyes. Instead, go for various slots because rest is equally important for better output.

With the covering of topics, revision of previously prepared topics is very important because it’s in our human nature to forget things so memorising it is very important. For this either you can take 1 or 2 hours from your schedule or you can fix a day every week. Revision is one of the strongest keys to success.

We see these days that many students have weak communication skills and fail to take part in the discussions which can harm in one of the other ways. What children do is, if they are having doubts about any topic or if they can’t understand any topic then they have a tendency of skipping the topic out of fear which will automatically affect the overall preparation. A doubt should never be categorised between a small or a big. Doubt will always be a doubt which should be cleared as early as possible and for this, a student should take help from their friends or teachers. But the best way is to fight the problem itself but if you could not solve them you should ask for help.

Distraction is one of the common things among the students and to fight with this, meditation is one of the best weapons. It gives peace to your mind and soul. It gives you energy and builds your concentration power. Distraction can be of any type but self-control is another solution to this massive problem.

Understanding the purpose behind the thing which a student is doing is very much important, to know the after-effects of being qualified and to know the benefits of it. For this students need motivation and should attend seminars, career guidance and many more. These all things work as a daily dose of motivation to do something big.

The syllabus should be finished at least two months before the exam and the remaining two months should fully be dedicated to revision purposes and should be stress-free as it’s the peak of the preparatory phase.

The best way to prepare for any exam is practising the previous year papers and analysing the pattern as well as the level of the paper. It will boost your confidence which plays a vital role for you to do well in the exam. To build a fearless situation during the exam the preparation should be very strong and students should have trust in their abilities.

Life is all about taking risks rather than doing nothing. Will you pass or will you fail is a different thing but not giving it a try is wrong. Never doubt your ability because the thing which is meant to be yours will go nowhere, you just need to make your way. All the best.

PREPARATION FOR MATH OLYMPIAD some points to be noted:-

1. Most of the syllabus is similar to that of the school. Students are mainly required to be clear with the basics and the concepts of mathematics. Apart from the school textbooks, the Indian talent Olympiad offers workbooks that are designed as per the school syllabus of class 6. These worksheets ensure additional practice while preparing for school exams. You can get the books for the preparation of the Olympiad from

2. Students who prepare for Olympiads must start their preparation at the beginning of the year. I strongly believe that there is a great role of parents and tutors in student life to encourage and motivate them from the beginning. Punctuality is the main key in these exams.

3. Students must know the exact syllabus. Once you get a good knowledge of the syllabus, it becomes easy to focus on concepts.

4. Participating in monthly Olympiads is the best way to keep summarizing all over the syllabus. Students can participate in those monthly online exams and practise the whole year for annual Olympiads. The monthly Olympiads are based on chapter-wise questions that make it easy for students to prepare different chapters. For monthly Olympiad exams, you have to register at [email protected]

5. management plays a very significant role in covering the entire syllabus of math. Dedicating separate times for the different chapters is the basic need in Olympiad exams. It also helps to cover up the academic’s syllabus.

6. Start with studying higher class NCERT books. Solve each and every problem of your textbook first then jump to the higher level books.

7. Access Math Level 1 and Maths Level 2 sample paper. Keep practising mock tests that are based on previous years. You can also refer to IMO Maths Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 8 2013.

Practice mostly the logical reasoning section first. Solving more questions help to identify different formulae.

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