Pepper Spray vs. Pepper Gel: What Are the Differences?

Are you concerned for your personal safety? Would you feel better carrying something that could help you defend yourself? 

The self-defense industry has grown by almost 7% over the past nine years. While pepper spray is a weapon of choice especially among women, a new product has come on the market: pepper gel. 

Pepper gel is a relatively new self-defense product that people are finding quite useful. 

If you’d like to know more about pepper spray vs. pepper gel, keep reading to learn more about these two personal safety devices.

What is Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray is an aerosol spray with a high concentration of the chemical compound capsaicin. This compound is an inflammatory that causes irritation to the eyes when sprayed at someone’s face. 

This compound is the same one that makes peppers spicy. The higher the concentration, the higher the heat. On the Scoville Heat Units Scale, a jalapeno scores between 2500 and 5000. Pepper spray used for self-defense has a heat index of almost 2 million units! 

According to the pepper spray guide, besides temporary eye pain and blindness, pepper spray can cause shortness of breath, dry cough, gasping, gagging, and inability to speak and breathe. 

Pepper spray is easy to carry on a key chain. You can spray it in a wide pattern to deter more than one attacker. It is relatively inexpensive when compared to other forms of self-defense. 

What is Pepper Gel? 

Pepper gel is a thicker, stickier substance with the same active ingredient as pepper spray. It travels 20% further so you don’t have to be as close to an attacker for it to be effective. 

Another advantage it has over pepper spray is the thick gel won’t blow back into your face. You can aim it at someone almost 25 feet away. It shoots in a tight stream pattern and sticks like glue on your target. 

If the attacker tries to rub the gel, it makes the pepper gel more potent and debilitating. 

A pepper gel guide will tell you that you’re safer carrying pepper gel over pepper spray just because of the range. Both substances have the same effect on an attacker, however.  

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Pepper Spray vs. Pepper Gel

When you are trying to protect yourself, compare pepper spray vs. pepper gel to choose the right one for you. In order to protect yourself most effectively and react within a matter of seconds, you need to feel confident in your choice of personal protective devices. 

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