Original and Compatible HP Toner Cartridges

The most renowned printer manufacturers like HP, Brother, and Canon will recommend you to use the only toner cartridges offered by them for their printers. But researchers say that most high-rated printer toner brands sold across the globe are all third-party suppliers. These days, people are switching to third-party toners i.e. the compatible toner cartridges to slash their overall spending on the printing. Citing one example, buying an original HP Toner cartridge frequently can add up a huge amount in your expenses. On the contrary, Compatible Toner cartridges willfully designed to work with the HP printer model you own will deliver you equally superior prints each time you use them and are extremely inexpensive.

Comparison of Highly Effective Original and Compatible HP Toner Cartridges

Turning over a new leaf, people now categorize originally branded toner more expensive when compared with the compatible toner cartridges. At the same time, they also think that compatible toners are likely to harm the printer. Lack of knowledge and correct information about the same makes people review the only disadvantage of using compatible toners. Hopefully, there are a few comparative points that can clarify the negative myths you have always been attracted to.

A Common Technical Explanation

The original HP toner cartridges are the genuine products manufactured by HP for HP printers. Compatible HP toner cartridges, on the contrary, are produced by third party manufacturers. They are just a copy of the original ones and don’t infringe the copyright of the original HP cartridge.

There is one more category that could come into the comparison of original and compatible HP toner cartridges and that is the Remanufactured HP toners. These cartridges are original HP products that are factory cleaned, refilled, repacked, and sold out as a replacement for the original.

The Price Discrepancy

The original toners are produced with a lot of perks in mind; like profit and the service expenses that go hand in hand with the research and development of not only the present but also the future products. Remanufactured and the third party manufactured compatible toners don’t need to have the same investments and expenses. Owing to the fact, these products are mass-produced at a lower cost. However, be very careful. Some compatible HP toner manufacturers offer toner cartridges at a ridiculously low price. So, before buying a product navigate through the supplier’s social media page to verify the quality and issues.

Printer Guarantee and Security

First and foremost, there are meager chances for a toner to damage a branded printer. As early as you experience any fault and your printer is still under warranty, contact your printer supplier. If the compatible cartridge appears to be responsible for the issue, the printer supplier may not do the repair job under the warranty. But if the problem lies in the printer itself, it will be covered under the warranty.

If your printer is covered under extended warranty after the actual period of twelve months, the manufacturer may void the warranty based on the clause if you have operated your printer with the compatible toner cartridge. It is good to be careful. But, as stated before, there are meager chances that a compatible toner can harm a printer.


The Printing Quality

Either original or compatible HP toner cartridges, there is hardly any difference when it comes to the quality of printing general documents or reports daily. Make yourself a trial run! Print photos and texts using both types of toners. You will see meager or no difference in printing quality. If you frequently require printing photo-quality prints, original toner cartridges are the better options to get. Also, if you want to have consistent color tones on genuine photo papers, only the original toner can get you the best results.

HP410A (CF 410A) Toner Cartridge vs. HP410X (CF 410X) Toner Cartridge

Both HP410A (CF410A) and HP410X (CF410X) Toners are the two most popular toner cartridges in the market of HP printers. When making your choice, you probably may wonder which one could be the right choice to buy. Understanding the characteristics of both will help you make the right choice.

Before learning the characteristic difference between the two toners it would be good to understand the model numbers. Each toner cartridge manufactured by HP is labeled with two different model numbers. But, they are the same products. For example, HP CF401A Toner Cartridge Cyan and HP201A Cyan are similar; other examples of two similar products with different labels are-

  • HP410A black & CF410A black
  • HP410A cyan & CF411A cyan
  • HP410A yellow & CF412A yellow
  • HP410X cyan & CF411X cyan
  • HP410X magenta & CF413X magenta

Characteristic Difference

  • Page Yield: Toner cartridges with model names CF411A cyan, CF413A magenta or HP 410A magenta, CF412A yellow, and CF410A black are offered with the standard page yield with not less than 2300 each. Other models like CF413X magenta or HP410X magenta, CF412X yellow, CF411X cyan, and the CF410X black, comes in the high page yield category with not less than 5000 yields each.
  • Size:  Both HP410A (CF 410A) and HP410X (CF 410X) Toner Cartridge are same look wise. There isn’t any difference in shape or size between both cartridge models. The only dissimilarity you can find is the weight. HP410X is a bit heavier than HP410A.
  • Printer: Both toner models HP410A and HP410X will fit the same printer models manufactured by HP. The printers you can use these two cartridges with are Color LaserJet MFP M477fnw, Color LaserJet Pro M452dn, Color LaserJet Pro M452nw, Color LaserJet Pro MFP M377dw, Color LaserJet MFP M477fdn, Color LaserJet Pro M452dw, and Color LaserJet MFP M477fdw.

If your requirement is just a small quantity of prints every day, HP410A or CF410A is the best option to pick. This toner is a lower-priced product with lower page yield quantity-wise. But, if you require printing a large number of official documents, business reports, etc. the best recommendation for you will be the compatible HP410X or CF410X black toner cartridge. This comes with a higher page yield and comparatively lower printing cost per page.

In the Fence

It has been researched and proved that using compatible HP toners you can save a lot not only in your office but also at home. There is no good reason for not giving the compatible HP Toner Cartridges a try.

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