New Floors: A Look at the Many Different Types of Flooring

Are you walking on uncomfortable, old, or even broken floors in your home? Stepping into a new floor design can completely change the feel of a room or the feel of a home. Don’t let old, beat-up floors ruin the space you have. 

It might feel impossible to choose the types of flooring that are right for you. But with a little bit of research, you can learn about just the flooring you need to let your home shine.


Hardwood is often one of the first flooring materials you think of. And for new floors, it can look beautiful. It does require some work to get in, so you may find yourself searching for flooring installation near me if you go that route, but it is an excellent option.

Hardwood looks and feels great underfoot, but it isn’t always the best choice. It can get easily scuffed, and to keep it looking fresh, you may have to invest in yearly treatment or maintenance.

It is also subject to the elements and can stain, grow or shift with moisture, and react differently depending on the wood used. It may not be the best choice for a bathroom, and you might not want it for the kitchen, but it can be a perfect choice for a bedroom or living space. 

Like Hardwood

There are several additional options that resemble hardwood but can offer a more DIY approach with installation. Laminate and Vinyl flooring can offer you a more durable floor that still looks like hardwood.

They are also much more simple to install and can be replaced easier as well. If you have spaces that will get much more traffic and interact more with the elements, you might use one of these over installing new hardwood floors. 


Tile is another versatile option and comes in many different styles. It can be a great flooring project if you are working in a small space, like a bathroom, but bigger might prove more complicated to do on your own.

Tile encompasses a variety of flooring materials, including glass, ceramic, porcelain, and stone, to name a few. It can be harder to install in bigger areas and generally works best for a kitchen or bathroom. Some materials scuff more than others, so consider that when determining what kind of tile you want for your new floors. 


When it comes to flooring types, carpet is one of the most cost-effective and works very well in certain rooms. It can keep a space feeling warm and cozy and does well in bedrooms and basements. It helps with noise and makes the space feel more insulated.

However, it also tends to hold in smells and might not be good for a pet-filled household. It comes in a lot of different styles and colors so that you can customize the exact look and feel of your floor with carpet.  

Types of Flooring for All

When deciding between types of flooring, the biggest question you need to ask is about the room you need flooring for. Depending on the traffic, size of the room, and your budget, you might be able to answer your flooring materials question fast. 

And once you know the kind you want, then you get the fun of watching your space come together with the new floor in place. If you found this helpful in planning your new floors, check us out for more tips. 

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