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In the city, according to the Corporation of Realtors, the number of appeals from the buyers of “secondary” in March increased by at least 10-15%, transactions – by 18-20%, and advances – by 24%.

“In general, the level of demand in March due to the known events, if not was not a rush in the full sense of the word, then it can be called close to it. Buyers with cash and previously approved rates benefited. It is these categories that formed the March demand, “- says Vice President of the Guild of Realtors.

The bulk of the demand for “secondary” in the “old” city in March formed mortgagers. Or rather – those who received approval from the bank for a loan in January and February, but have not yet had time to use it. Because the Central Bank on February 28th raised its key rate immediately by 10.5 percentage points to 20% per annum, and new mortgages were instantly unavailable. As a consequence, the dynamics of buying activity in March correlated with the duration of bank approvals (a number of banks revoked them prematurely). For example, the company “Mortgage Real Estate Center” to March 25, the number of appeals from mortgagors increased by more than 34% compared to February. In “Incom” potential demand (calls and appeals) to the 20th was 30% higher than normal, and from March 21 the number of calls began to decline daily.

Overall, “Old City” mortgages accounted for about 84% of transactions in March compared to 72% in February and 71% in March 2021, according to the Mortgage Real Estate Center. According to “Miel”, the share of mortgages increased over the month from 56% to 66%.

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