Marketing Through Instagram Live: A Complete Guide

With over a billion monthly users, Instagram is without a doubt the king of all social media platforms. Today, the platform is a marketing tool used by businesses of all sizes to engage with their target audiences and promote their products and/or services.

While Instar has many features for marketers to take advantage of, Instagram Live, one of the latest features of the platform, takes the marketing capability of the platform to dizzy heights. In this post, we’ll give you a thorough overview of the Instagram Live feature, why it can build your brand’s places, and how you can get the most out of it. Let’s get into it!

Instagram Live: What is it and how can it benefit businesses?

Instagram Live is part of the Instagram Stories feature and allows users to post live videos. People who watch the live videos can interact with them in real-time by asking questions and sharing their opinions.

While the core of Instagram Live is quite similar to the core of Facebook Live and YouTube Live, it has several features that make it unique and very promising for businesses. Let’s take a detailed look at them.

First on the Stories feed: The Stories feed is visible at the top of the Instagram interface, i.e. it is the first thing people see when they open the Instagram app on their phones or browsers.

When you go live using the Instagram Live feature, it’s automatically the first story to appear across your followers ’feeds. The success of the Instagram Stories feature guarantees that a significant percentage of your Instagram followers will watch your live videos.

Announcements: What happens to your Instagram Live videos when your followers are not using the app? You’d think they’d get your videos out in a situation like that, right?

Wrong! By default, Instagram will notify your followers when you go live through push notifications. While followers have the option to disable push notifications for live videos, the fact that it is enabled by default means that more followers are likely to watch your videos.

24 Hour Presence on Feed After Broadcast: When you finish your Instagram Live video broadcast, it will remain as your Instagram Story for an additional 24 hours.

This allows fans who have missed out on your live video to catch up on your content later. While real-time contact is not possible if people watch the video after the live broadcast is complete, it still provides an opportunity to view live content and enhance brand awareness.

Collaboration: While complex collaborations are not yet possible on Instagram Live, you can add one person to share the screen with you.

For businesses and brands looking to do Q&A sessions, nothing could be better. Using this basic element of collaboration, full-blown interviews and debates are possible.

Instagram Live marketing campaigns: Some ideas

While casual Instagram users often go live to have fun, businesses need to have a certain plan to run marketing campaigns using Instagram Live. Here are some campaign ideas you can use to promote your brand and its products and/or services using Instagram Live:

Product previews: So your brand is about to launch its latest product and you want to let your true buy Instagram followers Canadaknow about it. Start an Instagram Live broadcast and highlight some of the most exciting features in the product. You can also inform your audience about the release date of the product. You can also provide a link for viewers to pre-order the product from your official business website or e-commerce portal.

Product Launches: Instagram Live product launches can be extremely effective in letting your Instagram followers know how valuable they are. Product launch videos can provide detailed demonstrations of the products and purchase links for the same.

Tutorial videos: Live tutorial videos are a great way to connect with your audience and give them valuable information on something related to your business niche. For example, a musician can go live and talk about some common mistakes beginners make while rehearsing.

Question & answer sessions: Your fans may have some questions for you that they have never had a chance to ask you questions before. Start a live broadcast and turn it into a question and answer session to answer your followers’ questions. Such question and answer sessions can significantly improve the levels of confidence and emotional connection between a brand and its audience.

These are just some of the ideas you can try out using the Instagram Live feature. Feel free to create your video format to offer your audience something truly unique.

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