Gardens are an excellent addition to any home and effortless to maintain if done right. Several people want to have a garden in their homes, regardless of their size. In Australia, more than 4.7 million homes have some form of a garden, from which they also procure ingredients for the kitchen. While people may have tried gardening in their homes but failed, there are some fail-safe plants they can try. These plants require minimal care and only basic garden requirements. People can effortlessly buy garden tools online in Australia today, making their garden dreams a reality faster. With this standard equipment, there is a vast array of plants one can grow inside their homes, perfect for apartment dwellers.


The reason people want a garden may differ, but they usually include aesthetics, health benefits, hobby, or the recent trend. Whatever the reason, nature has a plant for every need.

The String Of Pearls

One of the more visual additions; this vine-like plant has pearl-like green leaves that cascade down the pot. This vine only requires watering every one or two weeks and minimal sunlight exposure. People can place it away from a window on a shelf. The leaves are ornamental and create a beautiful view when kept on shelves or other high places.

The Frizzle Sizzle

The Albuca frizzle sizzle is a unique plant with curling vine-like growth. The plant has no leaves per se, but it does flower. When the flowers bloom, they exude a vanilla-like fragrance. The unique look adds a quirky vibe to the home, and most plant owners use this plant as interior decor.


This plant can thrive in even the darkest of rooms with overwatering, which would cause root rot in other plants. People can effortlessly grow a Pothos in any part of their home, and this vibe will continue to grow even under the worst care conditions.

Aloe Vera

The magical succulent aloe vera has several medicinal benefits and is effortless to look after. While most nurseries will insist on certain soil types and watering schedules, these cacti can grow in almost all soil types and withstand overwatering to a degree. People can also propagate aloe vera from its stem, though most people will find aloe pups in their pots soon enough. Homeowners can also harvest the aloe vera at any stage and use its gel.


The Peperomia has multi-colour leaves that make it a visual treat. The leaves have green with yellow and a pink border; aesthetically pleasing. The leaves are palm-sized with thick stems, which holds water. People should keep them in a spot with indirect sunlight and ensure the soil is dry before watering it again. It doesn’t require much else, thriving and producing colourful leaves year-long.

Peace Lily

One flowering plant that can withstand overwatering is the peace lily, which can also survive in water jars to an extent. They bloom with white leaf-like flowers that add an aesthetic vibe to the interiors. This flower blooms throughout the year for everlasting elegance, and people can place the pot in their living room, a little away from the window.

Chinese Money Plant

The money plant is effortless to care for, and the Chinese Money Plant is similar. The leaves have a unique shape and uniform colour. This vine grows well in a pot, and people can place them on a high shelf, away from sunlight.

Several people in Australia (65%) grow vegetables and fruits for their consumption. Homeowners wanting to start a garden can choose from any of these plants and build their garden, opting for vegetables or herbs later. These plants grow well indoors, requiring minimal maintenance. People can search and buy garden tools online in Australia and set up their home gardens within a day.

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