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It is widely recognized that a visual message travels well with your audience, rather than in writing. You may possibly have felt that you needed some videos for your company or to demonstrate your talent and today, we have an intriguing new solution for you.

You can craft an appealing video presentation using the InVideo platform, from scratch, or polish existing home-shot movies to give them a professional look. The InVideo video creation platform comes with an expansive feature set that rivals desktop-class editors.

And the best part? It comes with a completely free plan! A compelling video presentation created using InVideo has the potential to reach your audience on several social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Moreover, these films may produce excellent income for your company. You may let your creativity go wild by using InVideo and make the most spectacular info and outputs for your YouTube videos.

You can create compelling films and video presentations using preset templates. Your data, in a video form, can also be displayed as presentations to wow customers and inspire your staff. In fact, a recent study published by HubSpot, it was stated that 93% of marketers considered video as an integral part of their marketing strategy. 

You can choose from hundreds of video ad templates to improve your brand awareness. If customer acquisition is your goal, you can make the services available to your business with appealing video promotions that are impossible to overlook!

InVideo is a unique video maker and publishing tool, since you don’t need to get templates or pictures from other sites, and you don’t have to do costly photoshoots.

All video templates are available in sizes 16:9, 1:1, and 9:16. This flexibility enables you to choose the optimal dimension for your video publishing platform. Here are the types of video presentations you can craft using InVideo followed by the pricing plans for the platform.

Types of Videos Presentations You Can Create Using InVideo

If you haven’t yet used a highly professional video editing platform, the feature set of InVideo might terrify you at first! You are greeted with a template screen as soon as you navigate to InVideo’s website and the number of video customization options on offer are exemplary.

Moreover, this enhanced functionality opens new horizons for crafting video presentations for almost any requirement. Here are the types of video presentations that you can create using the InVideo platform.

 1. Branding Video Presentations

InVideo offers over 4,000+ pre-made templates for you to select from. You can quickly and easily imprint your brand identity on any video using this online application. It is simple and inexpensive for businesses and individuals to create their brand identity.

InVideo is used by branding experts to examine various marketing alternatives for various consumer groups. The 15-minute long-form films are excellent for detailing a product or a brand. While shorts are ideal for sites like Instagram, you may advertise in bite sizes.

People don’t have the patience to watch their favorite programs on YouTube or other sites via lengthy advisory. An advertisement of 15 seconds or fewer keeps the viewer’s attention and enables your product or service to be recognized.

Business presentations may be created in a jiffy to be delivered to prospective and current customers. Video testimonials are very essential to portray the legitimacy of your product or service. Customers are looking for information before testing a product. InVideo facilitates the finest method of presenting testimonies.

2. Video Presentation for Webinars & Online Classes

We all have a double online life today. You must also take part in the flow and offer seminars online, or host webinars, etc. A great promo will attract as many people as possible to your webinar and have a better probability of generating money.

InVideo offers templates for the most common kind of webinars. Such as webinars on social media for lead generation, growing followers, online marketing, and more. Templates for tech films, seminars on mental health, etc.

Education has now gone online students deeply love videos that are instructional and add value to their knowledge base. Another benefit is the fact that a short promotional film may excite and encourage your prospective pupils to participate.

3. Convert Text to Video

Now watch your favorite quotations come alive with the text-to-video feature. This is a totally trouble-free manner of expressing what you want to say. It is easy to comprehend if a video is accompanied by text.

InVideo provides beautiful text fonts and layouts for many applications. You can create your own lists to display your facts in a tidy and comprehensible manner. InVideo can help you generate fascinating lists with high views and shares.

InVideo Pricing Structure

You may choose a lifetime free subscription if you don’t have to create numerous videos. The other plans begin at $10, which is very affordable since you receive additional resources. Influencers of social media, small to medium-sized companies and instructors, and others may obtain a limit of 60 video exports per month with the $10 plan. Big agencies and organizations may use 1M+ premium media elements and limitless video exports, as well as 40 delete background credits, for a $ 30-month option.


If crafting quality video presentations is your goal, InVideo can help you immensely in this regard. With the advanced feature set on offer and the range of video customization options on offer, this tool can certainly provide excellent value.

Even novice video editors can create compelling videos using InVideo with a small learning curve. You can easily enhance the value provided to your customers by deploying quality video presentations using this tool.

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