Look For These Factors in a Shipping Service Before Hiring One

There is no doubt that getting a customs broker for your business is not an easy job. Businesses that have hired these brokers without proper research and knowing key things have suffered huge losses and experienced many problems. But if you know what to look for in a customs broker, then you will be able to hire top-quality import or export services without much trouble.

Since these brokers will serve as your legal agent for a declaration to government authorities, whatever action they take is seen as yours, and you face the consequences. This is why it is important to take time when it comes to hiring shipping services.

Ease your work

These shipping brokers’ job is to get shipments released by the Customs and other big agencies that might have control or say over your goods such as Fish & Wildlife, Food & Drug, Department of Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency, etc. They take care of the filing work in which details such as what your goods are, what their value is, classification of tariff, goods’ quantities, processing fees, etc., need to be present. But doing all these is not as easy as it sounds. Not every customs broker can do all of these tasks with ease. Only experienced, well-reputed brokers can do these jobs. So, how can you know if a customs broker is right for your business or not? Look for these below-mentioned factors in them and then accordingly hire a customs broker.

Check knowledge

The first thing you need to carefully look at in a customs broker is the level of knowledge they have about the job. You should check whether the broker has handled businesses of your type before or is handling their important work. Can the broker make correct declarations for you? Does it have the tools for classification and valuation purposes? Finding out the answers to these questions will take you closer to an experienced customs broker. They should also tell you the exact price of the freight forwarding service using the sea freight calculator.

Aware of accounting

They should know proper account management. They should be good at this management because their level of expertise in this field will have a huge impact on their ability to handle your transactions. You need to confirm whether they will be taking care of the entries themselves or sub-contracting some other company to do this.

Apart from these two factors, also check whether the customs broker offers other services as well in addition to basic entry services. Check whether they provide consultation on transport and logistics, value-added services like arranging warehouses, placing cargo insurance, etc.

 If you properly look for these in a shipping service broker, you will get to know whether you must hire the one or not. With the help of these, you will be able to pick the best cargo shipping service for your goods without any problem. Ensure to know about the customs rules and regulations before you start working with a freight forwarding company.

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