Suppose you are of those who love to have big and prominent eyes after eyeliner but always ends up having multiple slides on your eyes and smudges. In that case, we have some magic tricks and tips for you that can change your eye makeup look once and all. Let us start with some magical tips that llama mama has shared for you girls.

Eye makeup tips:

Here are some of the general tips that have helped many women change their eye makeup game for very long. Here, clear magnetic eyeliner is the gamechanger of your look.We are sharing it with you all girls as well to step up your game:

  • To eliminate the misbehaving of eye make, all you need to do is customize the type of eye makeup for yourself and then the practical application for it for your unique eye shape.
  • Another thing that a lot of women need to understand is that life isn’t that hard when it comes to eye makeup. All you need to understand is your eye shape and then the application of eye makeup and eyeliner for that eye. Once you master it, there is no going back to the ugly and smudgy eye makeup look.
  • To enhance your eye features, all you need to do is start the catering of your eye shadow and eyeliner, which will help in the prominence of your eyes.
  • The ugly truth you need to understand is that not every look will suit you, so stop torturing yourself and embrace the beauty of your natural eye curves and with perfect application tactics, you are good to go for standing out among the crowd.

Types of eyeliner looks

We share the highly opted eyeliner styles for you girls, which have made their way in the list of top 7.

  • Graphic arrow liner.
  • Fishtail liner.
  • Natural liner.
  • Thick winged liner.
  • All-around winged liner.
  • Blueliner.
  • Winged liner.

Techniques for different eye shape:

llama mama shares with you the most common eyeliner application techniques for different eye shapes. Following are the techniques:

  1. Upturned Eyes

For upturned eyes, try to use a thin line with a little popping wing connecting it to the under the eye.

  1. Round Eyes

To broaden up your round eyes, use a triangle shape to give them volume.

  1. Monolid Eyes

Make a thick line with your eyeliner which makes your eyes look thick and give a perfect shape.

  1. Downturned Eyes

For such a shape, you need to make the inner corner thin and the outer corner thick.

  1. Hooded Eyes

It is almost the same as downturned eyes but to give them a different look, make a wing at the corner of your eye.

  1. Almond Eyes

You can pull off any eyeliner that looks thin, thick, wing, or not for almond eyes.


Eyeliners have been used for much long time ago by females to get that alluring look, which gives a prominent look to their eyes and adds beauty to them. So if you also want to have the best liner look, then llama mama can be the perfect choice for you. Visit their website now to get your desired eyeliner, and they are also offering deals and discounts. So visit their website today and open the new gateways of your beauty.

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