Kratom in Connecticut: Are There Side Effects of Kratom?

According to experts, kratom does not have any side effects if used responsibly, unless, of course, you have an allergy to this herb. However, if you take this herb more than the maximum recommended dose, you can experience certain unpleasant effects. 

So, before buying kratom in Connecticut, know up to what dose you can take it. Also, the dose of kratom varies in individuals. Some can tolerate up to 8-10 grams, while for some, just 1-2 grams will do. 

Listen to your body. 

Be sensible. 

Only then do you become a true kratom fan. 

Beginner’s effect

Beginners usually report feeling nausea or vomiting when taking kratom on an empty stomach for the first time. But this does not happen to everybody. 

Side effects of kratom on a dose of more than 15 grams

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach discomfort 
  • Sweating itchiness
  • Partial loss of motor coordination
  • Tremors

How to avoid the side effects of kratom?

It’s simple. Never exceed the recommended dose, whether you try products like capsules or Red Malay Kratom Powder. Experts suggest not going more than 10 grams. Some users report taking up to 13-15 grams. However, in no case should you take more than 15 grams, say, medical experts. 

The best way to avoid any side effects of kratom is to take it in the lowest dose. 

If you take it in heaps, it will make you sick, say doctors. Also, you must stop increasing the dose as soon as you feel the desired effects take over you. 

You cannot “binge drink” with kratom. You have to stop when you start feeling the desired effects. 

In addition, you must take an accurate dose. If it’s 1 gram, be sure it is 1 gram. Do not assume. That’s why before you buy this herb from a kratom shop near you, buy a measuring scale. With kratom, assumptions don’t work, accuracy does. 

When you change strains, be careful about the dose. Certain strains are more potent than others. So, you must adjust the dose accordingly. 

When you feel you are developing tolerance, go off kratom for a few days. Do not increase the dose in this case. 

What happens when you take a high dose of kratom for too long?

Although kratom is non-addictive, your brain can become dependent on it. According to a study, using kratom daily for six months can create dependency in over 50 percent of users. 

When this happens, if you stop taking kratom cold turkey (all of a sudden), you may experience withdrawal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, joint pain, an increase in blood pressure, and a strong craving for kratom. 

In this case, avoid stopping the consumption of kratom abruptly. Taper off the doses slowly. 

That’s the reason experts advise to not form a habit of taking kratom all 7 days a week right from the beginning. Keep kratom-free days in between. That’s the most sensible way of enjoying this herb. 

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