Know More About Two block haircut

Two block haircut is the type of hair cut in which the sides and lower part of the head are trimmed or shaved. While the hairs on the top are present in the same length.

The origin of a two-block haircut in Korea. Though in Asia, it becomes a sensation to look cool among the people.

The celebrities use this hairstyle to make a different look from the other industry people, and they look unique.

Two block hairstyle first use for the man. It is trending and spread over the world.

With time, women also start to take this kind of haircut.

For young and teen people, the haircut will be trendy for you.

How is a two-block haircut different from an undercut?

The two-block haircut is different from the undercut. In a two-block haircut, the slope is present a sharper haircut is given, while in the undercut, the hair is removed from the sides with no trim.

The presence of contrast on the lower side and upper side is an indication of a Two-Block haircut. For undercut, the bowel shape produces without slope.

Two blocks give a look that provides a look that suits different faces. This renowned style elongates the male facial features and grooming looks to create.

Should I get two-block haircuts?

Yes, you should have to take the two-block haircut. The two-block haircut has many different styles. It is not mandatory to take one kind of haircut.

The two-block haircut is trending nowadays. This cutting is equally popular among the girls.

So, leave the current haircut if you are bored with it. Take this haircut that will make you different.

How to make a two-block haircut?

After taking the two-block hairstyle from the barber, there is a need for a comb and hair spray.

Stand in front of the mirror.

Spread spray on the hair and take the comb to make styles on your need. You can change it in the side puff.

Create a partition from the center of the head and separate it on both sides equally.

This is the authentic way to make a two-block haircut.

You can also make the style without anything by using your hands but, this will not give a trendy look.

How to tell for a two-block haircut?

Go to the barber and show them a bunch of pictures of him. This will help the barber to understand the exact way in which kind of haircut you want. It is recommended to take pictures of celebrities. It will help the barber more because they get their haircut from the experts.

Tell the barber to take the bowl cut but, the contrast is present from the upper and lower part.

This style is best for many faces but before taking this haircut, consider that this style is best for your face.

To check if a two-block is best for your face. You can check it from the online mobile app.

Don’t hesitate to tell your barber about the style of your haircut. Because, in the end, you pay the barber for his service.

When there is a need for a two-block haircut?

A two block haircut takes 15 days. It will help the barber to understand how much hair increases after 15 days.

Getting a haircut is necessary. After 15 days it will make you normal again. The difference of increasing hairs is not present which is a good thing in the personality.

Can I get a two-block haircut at home?

Yes, you can take the two-block haircut at home.

The apparatus needed for a two-block haircut in the home is.


self -cutting apparatus Comb

Guard #4 & #8 NO Clipper


Separate the hairs by using a comb.

Wet it from the moisturizer.

Use the guard of #4 and #8 numbers.

Take a clipper and put it on the above side to separate it from the upper and lower side.

After separating the upper sides of hairs, take a machine with #4no guard and run it from the side.

Use #8 NO guard and trim the hairs from it.

Take scissors. After making a slope, this will help to bring shape. This is the way to get a two-black haircut by yourself.

Types of two-black haircuts:

All types of two-block haircuts are not the same.

Here we will tell you about some two-block haircuts that give a nice look. You can choose according to your need.

Messy Mop Top:

In this, clippers use the uniform length is present.

The hairs are long from the top and give a messy and casual look.

Fast forward:

In fast forward black-cut, the hairs are long from the front while trimmed from the sides and lower.

Casual and clean:

From this type, the hairs can be made from the side puff and middle. The left hair is so long.

Coiffed top:

In this, hairs are lengthy from the top. If you have time to increase your hair and shorts from the sides.

Modified bowl cut:

It looks like bowl cutting here trim is present in the shape of contrast.

If there are healthy hairs present on your head. It will give a nice look.

Qualities of two-block haircut:

Every haircut has its own properties here, we are going to describe the qualities of a two-block haircut:

Appealing eyes:

Attractive eyes are one of the main features of personality. If your eyes are attractive, many people will get attracted to you.

So, a two-block haircut gives an appealing eyes appearance that adds beauty to your personality.

Casual look:

The casual look is important for many people because most people are students, job holders, factory workers, and the company management demands the casual look.

So, the two-block haircut is the best haircut that gives a casual look.

Trendy looking:

The Combination of trendy and casual looks is important in which the person does not look so formal and the feelings of a teenager are also included. This cutting gives the trendy look.

Perfect length to choose:

There are many types of two-block haircuts. You can easily choose the haircut according to your needs.

Easy to style:

You can easily manage the style of this cutting.


It is easy to manage this kind of haircut. Because the hairs are only present at the top.

Final thoughts:

Hope so this article will help you to understand the pros and cons of a two-block haircut and helps you to decide why to choose two block haircut.

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