Know Hue HD Pro document Camera & Its Benefits

After the successful trial of the Document visualizer, recently, this award-winning Hue HD Pro USB camera has become a revolutionary educational device for students and teachers. This specialized camera is famous for its magnifying capability and flexible neck, which can rotate 360 degrees easily. And capture sturdy pictures and videos without breaking pixels or missing out on any detail. Moreover, the Hue pro document camera has made teaching and learning simpler, easier, and result-oriented. 

This versatile device is equipped with a High-resolution camera and in-built light. It can easily view or capture any document or device even in dim light. As mentioned earlier, it has a flexible neck – which can view A4 or US letter pages and captures & annotates live images during the ongoing presentation. Additionally, the installation process is very simple—all you have to do is create a plugin and start using it. You can even capture live video and stream it during an ongoing session on the whiteboard via PC or projector. However, if you are searching for a detailed review of the device, then keep reading further. 

Features of Hue pro HD

This multipurpose camera is the first-ever educational device that can record video

with high-quality sound and manually save it on the cloud. And even upload those videos on YouTube automatically, if needed. Therefore, due to so many advantages, it has become a one-stop device for students and teachers. Below we have mentioned major features & attractions of the device. 

  • Connectivity 

You can connect your Hui pro HD document visualizer camera with interactive TVs, smartboards while streaming live video of the conference of an online class. You can even connect the device with apps like – zoom, Facetime, QuickTime, Skype, Google meet, Twitch, Discord, Seesaw, Slack, Webex, OBS, MS Teams, chime, and much more. 

  • Compatibility 

Hui pro HD can perfectly connect with any 3rd party software in Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS, Linux distribution with UVC support. And mostly, it saves captured images in JPG/PNG/BMP/GIF format and shares them through Mac/PC, Android/Windows 8 Tablet, or iPad. 

  • HD camera 

Hue Pro HD has a 1920 X 1080 (16:9 1080p) resolution camera to capture images and videos without compromising clarity and quality accurately. Also, its camera can project images and videos in 2D or 3D dimensions for overall view. 

  • Multiple Snapshots 

This device has a steady and stable structure that can take snapshots through ongoing video or capture multiple images at once. Another reason to use this device is that it can capture, save, process, and project any data without any help from a second device.

  • Inbuilt light 

This educational device has inbuilt light to view and capture any data, even in dim light. Therefore, if your room has dim light, you can turn on your Hui pro HD and click on the light option to illuminate your desk. And work with comfortable light without giving a train to your eyes or brain. Also, once you change your device, it will have enough battery backup to light your table for a long time. 

  • Microphone 

Another major feature of Hui Pro HD is an inbuilt microphone that can record each & every audio accurately without any disturbance. Therefore, you are not required to attach your device with any external microphone or tripod. Even if you are doing distance learning,  attending live streaming, or having a video call from far, this device will provide High-resolution voice quality. Also, you can expect a noise reduction/cancellation feature with a sampling rate of 8000 to 16000Hz from this device. 


Hopefully, our article was helpful enough to guide you about Document visualizer and Hui HD pro document camera. However, we recommend you consider the guide given above before purchasing or getting started with the device. 

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