Kids & Computers: How Expensive Does It Get?

With nursery rhymes available on streaming platforms and specially designed black and white apps for newborns, children are now being introduced to computers at a younger age than ever before. Songs, cartoons and films are all available in just a few clicks of the mouse and of course kids love the variety of online games that a quality computer can provide them with. But these activities can be expensive hobbies depending on just how interested your child is and what exactly they want their computer for.

Gaming Inside and Out

Everyone remembers the distinctive beeps and boops of their old gaming machines, the furious tapping of the keyboard and the hum of a big tower; a kids computer today is an entirely different entity. Portable devices with the ability to connect to the internet in any place at any time have driven a boom in the online gaming industry. A hardy laptop is essential for the young social gamer but as well as the cost of the hardware, software prices and internet packages need to be considered; headsets, microphones and other peripherals are all needed to get those high scores and achievement medals.

Some children are going to want all of this and more! Graphics cards and memory boards are often needed to add extended engine power, keeping movements crisp and the games running at speed; no kid wants to witness that spinning circle as they buffer, lagging behind their friends. This also means a high definition monitor should be on your shopping list – there is little point running the graphics if you can’t have the benefit of them!

Content Creators

Video sharing is now a common part of modern life and many kids will record themselves performing dances or pulling pranks before uploading their files to ‘the cloud’ and waiting for the influx of likes and reactions from their followers. It seems pretty simple; however, a lot of work goes into these videos and the most popular clips have usually been tweaked with editing software, adding music, voiceovers and other entertaining elements to keep viewers engaged and those watch figures ever growing. Investing in a desktop with an editing suite could be a great idea if your child has natural ability in this area.

The Basics of Buying

Do you think you have your shopping list ready? Have you considered if the child you have in mind is a block building enthusiast or a content whizz? Are they wanting to be on the move with a laptop or at a table with a desktop; will they need an external camera, a tripod?

As soon as one item is added to your list it opens the door to a whole host of new questions and the answers really do come down to your budget and what use your kid will get out of their computer. Whatever their activities, be sure to do your research and you might find it’s not as expensive as you thought.

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