Key elements of a good nonprofit website

Whatever goal you have and however great it is, your organization should still use non-profit marketing tools to reach this goal as it will be much easier. It is very important to find things to stand out because there are so many nonprofits nowadays and many do similar things Yes, of course, they do it in different ways and definitely, those things are of very big importance most of the time, but still – if they are the same then it will be very difficult to differentiate one from another and reach set goals. 

One of the most important tools for the promotion of each nonprofit is its website. Even though the structure and the general impression might still be similar the content must differ as well as the design itself – it must contain at least a few distinctive elements that will help visitors recognize your nonprofit. 

Let’s take a closer look at the most important element of a good website for a nonprofit organization that will help you get a real powerful non-profit marketing tool. 

Button for donations

If donations are important for your organization then you should pay extreme attention to both the page and the form of the donation, and to the button, people should click to donate. It should be clearly visible and easy to be found on the website. Try to experiment with the colors. Of course, the best solution is to use your branded colors and play on the contrast. Usually, designers pay attention to buttons for calls to action when working on the visual branding of organizations. 

The position of the button is also important. It is proven that website users notice better elements located in the upper corners and in the menu. 

Navigation matters

User experience on your website should be positive. It is very important that visitors understand where and what information they can find and enjoy spending time on your website. Pay attention to the menu in order to navigate visitors efficiently so they wouldn’t leave your website. 

Tell the story

Actually, it is the story of our organization they visitors are interested in. Then they can develop a connection with you and become your supporters, donors, volunteers, employees, and so on. 

The story is always more interesting and easier to perceive when it is told with the help of other elements, such as photos, videos, icons, infographics, and so on. Include case studies, quotes, and testimonials. All those elements complete your story. Tell it, do not hide it from your actual and possible supporters. 

Tell people what to do

If there are no clear calls to action on your website then the visitors will stay confused as not all of them know exactly why they came or have a certain action in their mind. This is why you should encourage them to take a certain step, for example, donate, sign up as a volunteer, or at least sign up for updates on your blog. 

Just make sure there are not too many call-to-action. If your website features more than 2-3 per page then you should consider reviewing your position about them and cutting them to up to 2 per page. And better – 3-4 max for the whole website. 

Security is above all

Of course, we are talking not only about the security of your website (it goes without saying) but about how secure your donors feel about your organization. If visitors do not trust you then they are very unlikely to make a donation or any other desired call to action. Give people information to prove and support the image of your organization you are willing to have. Include media from your projects and activities, publish quotes – help visitors trust you. 

What about contacts? 

No matter how great the website is and how encouraged your visitors feel about making an action they might lose this will if they cannot find a way to contact you. Non-profit marketing experts stress that your website footer should contain all the necessary contact information as well as direct links to your other platforms and social media profiles. Many people are not ready to take immediate action or might doubt but after following you on social media or getting inspired by your article on another platform, or a photo on your Instagram can want to share it with other or get ready enough to make another action. 

No matter how great the goals of your nonprofit are you still need to implement working nonprofit marketing techniques to help those goals become reality. Use our advice and you will see great results at no time! 

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