Is Facebook Losing Its Fame

When Facebook was launched in 2004, it couldn’t escape the mouth of millions of people from across the globe. People saw an opportunity to interact and share ideas so they were so interested. Celebrities became very close to their fans and their fans were also happy to interact with their favorite superstars online. Platforms like TikTokStorm were not anywhere near to being invented and Facebook used to rock those times as more people want to feel how it felt like to interact with the world. This was a perfect platform and it spread globally within a very short time. 

Rise in Number of Users 

Out of the 7 billion people in the world, 2 billion people were estimated to be using Facebook. Businesses, celebrities, government agencies, and top brands all use Facebook to ensure they harness customers and make more profits. Some of these brands have even turned Facebook into an e-commerce platform and now there is even a Facebook payment method that buyers and brand owners can use to complete business processes completely online. With the digitalization of every business in the world, such features made Facebook a preferred platform by many people.

A sudden Decline in Fame 

Initially, a day wouldn’t pass without hearing someone saying, ‘I have heard this on Facebook’ but these days’ people no longer mention Facebook. Celebrities are now turning to TikTok and Instagram because that is where a lot of fans are. Is it because fans only mention these platforms and forgot to mention Facebook despite celebrities posting content on Facebook? The answer is a big no because some people don’t even see the need to have a Facebook app on their phones. When was the last you posted or updated your status on Facebook? Probably months ago because people are now becoming more consummative than being content creators on Facebook.

Serious Reforms Needed 

With such key items highlighted, it is clear that some serious upgrades are needed to curb this dissertation by clients. If possible, Facebook should find a way to either acquire all these other platforms or merge with them to work as a single entity so that they don’t submerge in the forgotten zone of people. The more time flies, the more Facebook is becoming unpopular and this should serve as a big worry to the owners. Put in mind that Facebook is regarded as a platform for the old so it needs to add features that will entice the young generation. 

Facebook, just like LinkedIn is losing its glory because more and more apps that are the more pleasing and entertaining to the generation keep on being invented. Imagine twitch is about to kill YouTube and YouTube is just about to kill the TV and live streaming media. This means that even Facebook is being outdone in several ways by these new apps and this could become problematic especially now that the new apps target the young generation. Always get the best on the platform you wish to invest on to have a fruitful marketing campaign.

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