Interview Outfit 101: What to Wear To an Interview?

So, you are having an interview this Monday, what dress shirt or attire would you choose from your closet? The answer to this question depends on the type or position of the job you are applying for.

Although, you need dress clothes comfortable enough that when you wear them you can look confident and impress others.

One thing to remember is that dressing accordingly is important because the interviewer will make their first judgement on the basis of how you look and what you are wearing.

Just imagine, you have dressed up for an interview at a bank wearing a T-shirt or you dress up wearing a suit for the interview of the security guard. If you do so then it interprets you as not understanding the role.

So, if you are confused on what to wear for your next interview, here is the blog for you that will tell you everything about it.

Professional/ business interview attire

Every professional or business interview requires a professional or business outfit which may include a 3 piece suit with a tie or more formal attire like slacks, dress shirt with sweater for men.

While for women, it might be a blouse with interesting details with a skirt or button down shirts with a blazer, or the all-time classic, black dress with tights.

You can also add some modern styles to your outfit. Consider neutral and pastel colors while selecting an attire for the interview and avoid bright and flashy colors for the interview.

Interview outfit for women

One of the important things to consider while preparing for the interview is that you should look clean and professional whatever position you are applying for..

  • All time classic navy colored blazer paired with a blouse or button down shirt or a dress.
  • Try a sheer silk chiffon button down with camisole or a button down with a humble neckline tucked in.
  • A blouse with interesting details paired with a black pencil skirt or slacks. You can even add a jacket, if you like.
  • Another interesting combo is quality black dress pants partnered with a button down shirt or a blazer.

Interview outfit for men

There are a ton of options available when it comes to the interview attire for men.

  • Navy colored suit with a contrasting shade shirt and a sweater beneath for a business interview.
  • You can also try the common combo of light colored jacket and pants and top it off with a tie.
  • For a more formal look, try layering a neutral colored sweater like brown, black, and navy with a button-down. At last, pair it off with a dark shade of jeans or chinos.
  • If you like it more formal, you can go back to the basics with a pastel colored button-down shirt topped with a black or grey slack along with a tie, that’s it!
  • Talking about the ties, avoid choosing ones that have funky prints.

Non-professional/business casual interview outfit

A job interview at a non-professional work environment requires more informal outfit than a business outfit like a suit. But at the same time also requires a professional and clean attire.

Women may opt for a business casual outfit including a skirt or dress slacks with a blouse, sweater, jacket, topped with a pair of legwear and closed-toe shoes.

Similarly for men, appropriate business attire may include slacks or chinos, dress shirts, dark socks, topped with a pair of dress shoes. Also men should prevent wearing polo shirts and even jeans or shorts along with athletic socks.

Smart casual interview attire

Smart casuals are less dressy as compared to formal attires. Such attire is much more comfortable and practical. Even if this job interview requires you to wear formal attire, it is important to dress neat and professional to make the first impression.

  • As a woman, you can wear jeans along with a collared shirt and layer it up with a blazer.
  • Another outfit idea is to wear a button-down shirt with a dark pair of jeans or khaki pants. You can also wear pleated chinos with a pressed and tucked-in men’s dress shirt.
  • Popular smart casual outfit for men also includes a comfy T-shirt  with a blazer along with dress pants, jeans or khaki.
  • Another smart casual dress clothes for women includes a plaid button down shirt paired with a black skinny jeans along with a dress flats or a pair of heels, for a more bold move.

College job interview outfit

Studying at the college may require a more casual outfit, but for the interview, you should dress more professionally. A smart way to do that is to research about the company for whom you are going to the interview.

Interview attire for college men 

If you are attending an interview for the first time as a college student, you should opt for a navy colored suit, contrasting shade of tie and top it off with dress shoes.

If you have researched about the company and came to know that their employees dress in a typical business style, you should still wear a suit and tie. However, if the interviewer addresses you to dress casually, you can wear a blazer or sports jacket topped with slacks and with a sweater or button-down beneath.

  • Interview attire for college women

While talking about college women, they have a bit more options when compared to college men. The professional look for them may include a suit like a pantsuit or skirt suit partnered with a button-down shirt or blouse.

A navy gray or black suit should do the job, while the dress shirt or blouse can be of any color and should match with the suit. Avoid wearing bright or loudly patterned and low-cut blouses that are too revealing.

At last, you can add the cherry on the cake with neutral-colored shoes such as flats or heels.

What not to wear at the job interview

  • As mentioned before, avoid wearing bright and flashy colors because it highlights clothing inappropriateness.
  • A blazer is a great choice but make sure you wear a shirt or camisole underneath that covers you appropriately.


If you have never attended an interview before, this guide will surely help you to dress according to the type of interview. Read all the above points and decide what you need for an interview. However, if you want professional dress shirts or ties or even more, you can checkout the latest collection at

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