Integrate and personalize your meetings with the new open-source video conferencing software

People are the use of internet-based video conferencing more and more to behavior numerous responsibilities. It’s turning into a regular characteristic of every body’s lives. There are several motives for this, however the two most enormous ones are that it’s more handy than assembly in character and it’s greater inexpensive than many different alternatives.

We’ve evaluated the maximum famous video conferencing programs, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, and others. The marketplace is prospering, therefore corporations are making an investment in new items to fulfill the numerous needs of customers.

More and extra people are searching for for a video conferencing solution that may be readily incorporated with their existing infrastructure, yet is bendy based totally on their particular branding or feature needs.

That is why MynaParrot advanced this current video conferencing program, which we name plugNmeet due to the fact the name says all of it: it’s easy to connect and meet.

This blog will study the program and spot what the differences are, in addition to how they plan to satisfy the call for.

The name and its capabilities.
The call became taken from the software’s inception. We’d need to expand a video convention answer that is simple to hyperlink with any modern gadget and provides the capabilities of a video convention.


For the sake of simplicity, we’ll preserve it as simple as feasible and just cover the fundamental capabilities of a video conferencing gadget. And, most significantly, exceed enterprise standards for performance.

HD audio and video name.
HD Screensharing.
Lock settings.
Raise hand.
Chatting with File sharing.
MP4 Recordings.
Extended capabilities

RTMP Broadcasting
You may additionally live movement your assembly on YouTube, Facebook, or some other 1/3-birthday party platform with this functionality.

Shared whiteboard

You can without difficulty share your whiteboard with the other contributors and collaborate on it in actual-time.

Inside the whiteboard, several tools will appear to use:

  • Zoom or zoom out
  • Undo or Redo
  • Shapes
  • Pencil
  • Text
  • Images
  • Delete
  • Export

3. Shared Notepad

You can share your notes with the others in your meeting and discuss them on the fly.

You will be able to work on a document online without having to leave the meeting!

Simplified integration

One of our objectives with this software is to make it simple to connect with any system.

We currently have the following plugins that are ready to use.

It’s simple and quick to set up, with only a few minutes required for everything to be properly configured.

Personalization is readily available.

This is another objective for us to create this new open-source video conferencing software.

Previously, if you wanted to build your own server and then install an open-source video conference system, you had to do so.

It’s not simple because you’ll need to buy a server first; if you’re a developer, you can work on it directly; otherwise, you’ll have to hire someone who knows how to do it. It will take a few days and the cost will be greater.

This customization is now easier to perform with plugNmeet video conferencing solution. There’s no need to hire a server; you may get an API key from a plugNmeet business support firm and integrate your system using it.

After you’ve received the API information, you can modify plugin settings on the configuration page. The meeting will be opened at your website’s URL.

Even if you have a small group of users. You may have your own meeting URL, logo, branding color, and so on. This is a good opportunity for small businesses.

You can have your very own bespoke online meeting area with a small investment.

This function is useful for individuals who wish to modify their online meeting rooms on a regular basis. It’s easy with plugNmeet.


The new open-source video conferencing software called plugNmeet offers simplified integration, customization, and other vital features.

This software is made to fulfill the demands of businesses who want a simple yet versatile and configurable tool.

We encourage you to download and try it out for your next online meeting. And we also invite you to join our community and help us make this software even better.

Try it out for your next meeting with plugNmeet and here is the demo link

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