Instruction reading simulator. An overview of an early version of Encased

Encased is a tactical RPG set in the 1970s by F95Zone. A dome has been discovered in a remote desert. Under it there was once a civilization called the Forefathers. The fruits of this civilization (artifacts) have miraculous properties, and humanity has not fully realized their purpose.

And then a miracle happened! The capitalists and communists ended the Cold War and began to devote all their strength to the study of the dome. Its principle of operation has much in common with the barrier from Gothic : organics can enter, but cannot exit. But equipment and artifacts quietly ply back and forth. Plus, people stop having babies inside. 

People entering the dome are divided into “wings” in accordance with their achievements and characteristics.

  • Orange wing . Former criminals who got the opportunity to become worthy citizens again by working under the dome. Do all the dirty work, from mopping floors to helping other wings. They have a habit of carrying sharpenings and drugs with them. They love to steal and are prone to violence.
  • Blue wing . Working class. This includes drivers, builders and cleaners. 
  • Black wing . Guards and military. Keeping order under the dome. They shoot off aggressive fauna and irresponsible citizens. 
  • White wing . Physicians and scientists. They conduct experiments, study artifacts, treat patients. 
  • Silver wing . Managers. They work with papers, give orders, send them on suicidal assignments. 

By creating or choosing a character that best suits your tastes (all the models here are muscular and scary, if you are not a fan of people in uniform, then their appearance can be repulsive), you start the game and get under the dome.

Under the dome

The game starts with an interesting choice of difficulty. From its increase, opponents do not increase their health by 1000%, and they do not start killing with one hit. Vice versa! The number of advantages available to us over opponents is reduced, equalizing the chances in battle.

Having finished with the primary elections, we find ourselves in the transit zone. Here you will find a huge number of interactive items that can be searched. Whether it’s trash bins, pots with plants (artifacts can most often be found in them), containers, other people’s suitcases. They will rarely pay attention to this and interfere with you, which will allow any kleptomaniac to take everything valuable from the location.

Rummaging objects, bartering, cooking, creating items, using items. All this gives experience, which increases the level and adds improvement points. Glasses are best put into speech, especially in the first couples. You can agree here with almost anyone, with the exception of initially hostile people and mutants.


Each wing, faction and some characters have a reputation scale. Changes in it depend on our behavior. We can be kind in helping everyone along the way. For this we will be loved and more willing to share secrets about Dispel magic 5e. A good reputation will help you get dry from many conflict situations.

Or we can become an outright villain. Kill old people, sell drugs, attack characters without warning, turn people over to black people for the smallest offenses. You can destroy all living things under the dome. For this they will hate us, they will refuse to talk to us, and not even let us into some locations. 

Almost all of the characters in the game have a huge amount of dialogue. They are perfectly written and “sound” like real people. Many are related to certain tasks with a scanty description. Therefore, when communicating with people, it is better to write down the details in a notebook. Otherwise, then you will have to run around the locations, looking for the items and people we need. 

The battle

The combat in the game is turn-based, the order of the characters depends on their initiative. The higher it is, the earlier you will act. Attacking, moving and using items consumes action points. Except for killing, the enemy can be knocked out with a taser, trace or sleep gas.

But it is not necessary to fight at all. Opponents can be easily bypassed in camouflage mode, they refuse to notice us until the very end. Yes, and killing them requires the use of a large number of cartridges and first-aid kits, and they do not give enough experience as compensation.


We often come across aggressive zombies. And also people. They know how to use ranged and melee weapons. The dome sets on us rats, hyenas, cockroaches, robot children and zombies. 

Mutants attack with elemental attacks like ice or fire. The native element can heal them, while the opposite one deals additional damage. Some individuals are capable of using psychic attacks.

Unfortunately, the level of opponents tends to rise along with yours. This is especially annoying during attacks on friendly bases: they are the hardest to avoid, high-level opponents cause a lot of inconvenience, and discourage any desire to increase the level. And it looks stupid when a flock of rats destroys the defenses of a well-guarded scientific center!

Weapons and consumables

There are enough weapons in the game: heavy, light, energy, cold, etc. The situation is spoiled by the fact that any of them can be improved. It takes a lot of valuable resources, and the value of everything else decreases. 

As for the items, they include food and water (fortunately, we rarely feel hungry and thirsty, and they give pleasant bonuses), all sorts of items for repairing equipment, artifacts and medicines. 


After completing special missions, satellites can join us. Among them there is an anime robot girl, a dishonest scientist, a black actor, a guy obsessed with justice, a girl who loves to fight, or a Buddhist criminal who believes that enlightenment can be achieved by beating others. 

Unfortunately, at the moment, their abilities can only be used during combat. You have to swing your talents so as to become a jack of all trades. Satellites are used as pack animals for carrying cargo (common inventory), and an additional barrel in battle. Otherwise, they are useless!


The game can scare, make people laugh, and interest. Just what is our very first mission, where we are sent to a secret facility with which communication was lost. At the beginning, we make a forced stop at the Picnic by the Roadside gas station . There we will descend into a creepy basement and repulse the raider attacks. Or get everyone together for a picnic where you eat, drink, and share interesting stories.

And at the facility, a zombie staff is waiting for us. Guiding bolt 5e Gaming habits suggest that now you will have to face hordes of aggressive creatures, but in fact, everything is much more interesting. The fact is that their minds seem to be outside the body. They continue to do their usual work, but they do it unconsciously, automatically. And only a few of them are aggressive. This is very creepy!


Encased can be compared to a good book with gameplay added to  it. Interesting characters, detailed events and items. And this description is better to read carefully, otherwise something bad may happen! Add to that a good sense of humor and a knack for scaring. All this guarantees a long, but very atmospheric passage. Unless the music is very background music, and you hardly notice it.


  • Charismatic characters
  • Visual style  
  • Description of events
  • Variety of actions
  • Interesting world


  • Clumsy boevka
  • Cluttered inventory
  • Brainless allies and enemies
  • Weapon upgrade
  • Autoleveling
  • Frankly ugly character models
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