Instagram Features Most People Don’t Know About in 2022

Instagram recently reached 2 billion active users, but most users only know about basic photo sharing and messaging features. The truth is that Instagram is constantly evolving with new features being released on an almost monthly basis. 

Are you looking to learn new Instagram tricks and Instagram features you didn’t know about? Read on to learn basic tips like the “how to get verified on Instagram trick.” It’s easier than you think and makes the popular app even more fun to use. 

Instagram Posts Collabs

This useful new feature allows you to create joint posts. When you post a collaboration, the post will appear on your feed and that of your collaborator’s profile

All you need to do for the Instagram collab feature is create a regular post. (This works for Reels too.) Then click on “Tag People” and then on “Invite Collaborator.” It’s as easy as that.

Reels Visual Replies

This one’s the “Reel deal.” Instagram is introducing another update to its popular Reel feature. Reels Visual Replies allow you to reply to comments on the Reel. 

This allows creators to engage with their followers. Look out for content inspired by interactions in the comments section. 

New 60-second Instagram Stories (No Cuts)

Are you tired of your Instagram stories being cut every 15 seconds? Well, the folks at Instagram are paying attention and implementing a new 60-second Instagram story feature. 

This will definitely be a popular feature. Users can expect smoother playback, and your tags and links won’t disappear every 15 seconds. Yay!

2022 Instagram Algorithm Explained

Instagram’s algorithm has been a mystery until now. Users may have noticed that their engagement periodically drops for seemingly no reason. Making posts that engage can seem like a hit-and-miss proposition — until now.

The most important factors are as follows:

  • Post popularity indicators like likes 
  • How frequently have users interacted with your account in the past
  • How many posts have users liked
  • User engagement in other content

Instagram frequently mixes it up, but this is a good explanation for where Instagram is now with its algorithm. 

2022 Instagram Reels Updates

Reels continue to be incredibly popular. Instagram first released the option in 2020. If you haven’t tried this feature, Reels are basically verticle posts that last between 15 seconds and one minute. 

If you master the app, you can combine multiple shorter videos into one. You can enhance your Reels with the following extras:

  • Music
  • Voiceover/commentary
  • Text
  • Doodles (drawing)
  • Stickers 
  • Effects (similar to what you find in Stories)

There is even a timer function so you don’t have to hold your phone while recording. Anything you add can make your posts more engaging.

So get creative. Experiment by using the desktop app for Instagram.

Where to Find Instagram Reels

You can access Reels by tapping on the ‘+’ icon located on the top right corner of the screen. Then choose ‘Reels’.

As you use these functions you will learn that some features can be used while recording while others are added once the recording is completed. 

You can return to your Reel at any time to remix it. The possibilities are seemingly endless.  

Click the ‘play’ icon in the bottom center of the screen. Now, you can browse through Reels.

You can search for Reels that use the same music. Do this by clicking the audio icon.

Profile Embed

Users can now embed their whole profile in a natural-looking way on websites. Thanks to this new update, it is easier to showcase Creator’s profiles outside of the app. 

Instagram Playback 

With the new ‘Playback feature,’ users can repost their most popular Stories for special occasions like New Year’s Eve. The feature proved to be popular last year on New Year’s Eve. Users loved celebrating their favorite moment of the passing year. 

Instagram Map Search

Another popular update is the Map Search. This option looks similar to Google Maps. It allows users to find business locations using their Instagram app. 

You can find this feature within Instagram’s browser that you use to find hashtags, users, and other things.

Instagram Creator Mode

Instagram’s Creator mode is for accounts with 10,000 followers and up. It was designed largely for influencers. One feature is increased statistical insights.

Creator mode continues to evolve. The section now includes marketing tips that creators can take advantage of. Users now see these features through a Professional Dashboard.

Instagram Professional Dashboard

The Professional Dashboard was introduced in 2021. The feature caters to businesses and creator accounts.

The main tools offered by this dashboard include:

  • Overall performance insights
  • Instagram Insights
  • Promotions feedback
  • Branded content approvals
  • Instagram shopping
  • Saved Replies

The dashboard offers easy-to-read information and insights. For more complex feedback, you’ll need to check our Instagram Insights.

Hide Likes

Tired of playing the numbers game when it comes to getting likes? You can unplug from that feature now. Simply go to your post, find the three dots at the top right of the post and click ‘Hide like count.’ 

New Interactive Stickers

One of the biggest trends with Instagram Story tricks and Reels is interactive stickers. You can use these stickers to send followers to websites, location details, shopping links, and more. Question and quiz stickers are great for boosting interactions. 

Keep Up with Instagram Features and More

Instagram is constantly evolving, and that’s part of the fun of the photo-sharing app. You don’t have to keep up with every new trend on Instagram, but you want to keep up with some of the bigger Instagram features so you don’t miss out on the fun.

Travel, education, and investment tips await. We take deep dives into topics that matter to you to keep you entertained and informed. 

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