Important Things You Should Be Asking Your Car Accident Lawyer

It’s not easy for a person to understand the situation and decide what to do after he or she meets with an accident, especially if that person has met with a serious injury. But you have to take steps to protect your future so the early you contact a car accident lawyer, the better it would be for you. Once you meet the concerned lawyer you must be very clear about certain things from the beginning. Here are some of the important issues about which you should be asking the car accident lawyer before you finally decide to hire one.

Area of legal specialty

Different lawyers specialize in different legal spheres. There may be many lawyers who might be good enough to deal with your car accident case, but hiring someone with a specialization in this particular field can prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Be clear on the point whether the lawyer to whom you will be sharing the details would be the lawyer fighting for you too

It’s sad but true that often clients get disappointed because after they hire someone they see someone else taking over the case, usually by a junior associate or a paralegal. It’s not so that they are not well qualified to do the job, but when you have invested your trust and money in someone you spoke to at the beginning only to find someone else presenting the case, well this could be disappointing sometimes. So be very clear from the beginning about this thing. For car accident lawyer check Flagler Personal Injury Group. Hope your queries will be addressed properly.

Potential of your car accident case

If you are not at fault and the accident was caused due to the negligence of the other driver, then you have a strong case to uphold. That will also depend on the available evidence like CCTV footage or an eyewitness’s account. But if you are not sure about this, then better settle with the insurance company. Be clear about this and get your lawyer’s opinion on this matter.

Fees of the lawyer

Usually, these lawyers work based on a contingency fee. That means they are going to charge a certain percentage amount of your settlement money as the fees (and only if you win). But many ask for an hourly basis pay that might not be possible for you to arrange. So talk to your attorney and see whether you can make him agree to a contingency fee.

An estimate of the duration of the case to get resolved

If you have suffered quite a serious injury then the mounting pending bills can bother you very much. To pay these bills you have to recover and go back to work. But if you receive the claim in time, then that might buy you some time and also resolve the payment issues. So you need to have an idea about how long your case is going to take to get resolved. Your attorney may not be able to tell you specifically but surely can give you an estimated date.


Many believe that once they have hired a car accident lawyer, their job is done. But your lawyer would require your active involvement from time to time to gather facts and evidence to strengthen your case. Only then you can expect a good outcome.

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