Important Things Pharmaceutical Startups Need for Document Management

It is a standard procedure to document every step in the drug development process in the pharmaceutical industry. All trials need to be efficiently documented so that the regulatory authorities approve them. Without proper documentation, regulatory bodies like the FDA might not approve the drug. 

Hence, they need to be kept safely and indefinitely in case any legal issues may arise in the future. However, keeping physical forms of such files can be cumbersome and costly. Not only do you need to find storage space, but you also have to manage them properly. Retrieving files can be difficult, and the risk of damaging or losing important files is often high. 

Due to these reasons, the most efficient pharmaceutical document management system is undoubtedly through leveraging a document scanning service. This is especially true for pharmaceutical startups since they produce the most amounts of documents.

Importance of Document Management for Pharmaceutical Startups

One of the biggest challenges pharmaceutical companies face is regulatory compliance. You have to be compliant when it comes to your documentation. And this cannot be done with a physical document management system. 

Searching for documents and retrieving them can be a real pain if you have physically stored them and don’t have a document management system. It could take you hours to find the required document. In some cases, you might not even find the document you were looking for.

However, with an efficient pharmaceutical document management system, you scan, digitize, file, and categorize each document. Hence, they become much easier to organize and locate. Doing this is particularly important when conducting drug trials or planning to launch a new drug since thousands of documents are involved. 

Unfortunately, simple medical document scanning is not enough. Since these documents are designed for highly regulated authorities, such as the FDA, you need to keep certain things in mind when choosing the appropriate system to digitize and sort them.

Things Pharmaceutical Startups Need for Document Management 

 Excellent pharmaceutical document management software can make a world of difference to your overall system. It can help with compliance, improve workflows, save you time, and so much more.

However, not every software system can do that for pharmaceutical startups; only the right ones can. To find the most suitable system for your startup, here are some essential factors you should keep in mind:

  1. It Needs to Be Audit-Friendly

At some point, regulatory bodies will likely perform an audit on your document management system. This is why you should have a system that includes information regarding every individual who has access to the documents, who logs in or out, and who owns and reviews the document at certain times.

Every activity on the document should be transparent and clear to the auditor when they use the document management software. This helps them ensure that the drug production meets the qualities and industry standards.

  1. It Needs to Allow Edits and Signatures

You can make workflow processes quicker and more efficient when you have a management document system that allows you to make edits and add e-signatures. This is because you will not need to run the documents through other software to make quick edits.

It is undoubtedly a good idea for a pharmaceutical startup to employ document scanning services that allow e-signatures to be done to help make processes easier and more transparent.

  1. It Must Have Customizable Approvals

In order to make workflow more efficient and communication easier, you should employ a system that does medical records scanning and includes customizable approvals. Instead of an employee running after the manager to approve the document, they can simply send a request to the manager via the software.

Once they approve it on the system, it can be available for all concerned parties and employees to see. Hence, make sure that you employee a management system with this feature.

  1. It Must Be Able to Integrate with Existing Management Systems 

Any excellent medical document scanning system should be able to integrate with existing management systems so that the entire system can work together easily. This will enhance employee collaboration, simplify workflow processes, and simplify the overall validation and approval processes.

Final Words

If you are looking for the right software and document system to help with medical records scanning and ultimately improve your systems and processes, look no further than Smooth Solutions.

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