Important Preparation Tips for Biology for CBSE Class 11th

You cannot afford to take your class 11th Biology preparation lightly. It is because the basics of your class 11th will be required in your 12th Board Examination. Moreover, if you aspire to appear for the NEET Examination, your studies of class 11th and class 12th both will be required to ace the NEET Examination. Many candidates make the habit of not taking their class 11th preparation seriously and suffer in their class 12th and NEET Examination; you don’t need to be one of them. Hence, Considering the vast importance of your class 11th studies, you must take your class 11th Biology preparation seriously. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the most practical preparation tips for class 11th Biology.

CBSE Class 11th Preparation Tips: How to Study Class 11th Biology

You must be aiming to become future doctors and medical aspirants. This aspiration of yours can only be achieved if you take your class 11th preparation seriously. It is a theory-based subject, hence you will have to study smartly. Here are the preparation tips to make your preparation journey easier and worthwhile.

  • Consider NCERT a Bible: Many students run behind heavy guides and lengthy books while skipping the NCERT Books. It will be a great folly if you commit the same mistake, as the concepts of NCERT are very important for both class 12th and NCERT Examination. Apart from it, you should practice the NCERT Exercise questions- it will help you to strengthen your theory more.
  • Learn Important Diagrams: In biology, it is more important to learn theory via diagrams. Moreover, in the Class 11th Examination, diagrams of important topics like Blood Circulatory System, Heart, Digestive System, Cell, etc, need to be drawn along with the written theory in long answers. Also, when you learn theory by making references from a diagram, it will help you to retain information for a longer period. Hence, make use of diagrams in your class 11th preparation.
  • Prepare according to CBSE Syllabus: You should be aware of the CBSE official syllabus and plan your studies accordingly. You should always check if you have covered all the topics given in the CBSE Syllabus. Moreover, you should analyze the CBSE Exam Pattern to devise preparation strategies for very short answers, short answers, and long answers.
  • Practice different types of Questions: It is imperative to get acquainted with all the types of questions asked in the examination. Moreover, you should devise a preparation strategy according to question types like some topics are important for short questions/very short questions like scientific names and important terms whereas some topics are important for long answers like Explain Human heart and its functions, cell types & its structure, human physiology, etc. Hence, you should plan your studies accordingly.
  • Study According to Weightage: Yes, you should study everything given in the Biology NCERT Book, but to increase your marks in the examination, you should study according to the weightage of a chapter. Like human physiology has more weightage than diversity in the living world chapter, so you should pay more attention to the former chapter. Likewise, you should pay your study time to other chapters as per their weightage in the examination.
  • Note Copy: The better you will make notes of each topic, the better you will be able to learn and understand them. Since your biology notes of Class 11th will turn handy for your class 12th and NEET preparation, don’t skip making class notes. Moreover, in your notes, try to include diagrams, short descriptions of topics, flow charts, etc to make them structured and comprehensive.
  • Revision: Theory-based subjects like biology demand frequent revision. If you fail to revise frequently, you won’t be able to retain the studied theories of different chapters. Hence, make a habit of revision from your notebook or NCERT book on a regular basis.

Be smart, and take your Class 11th Biology seriously, else, you will bear the brunt in your class 12th and NEET Examinations.

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