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In today’s business landscape, phone calls may seem like a thing of the past; offices are more likely to rely on emails and instant messaging to communicate with employees. That’s only part of the picture, though.

While phone calls may not be used much for internal communication, they’re still a vital element of many businesses. Cold calling is a common practice for most salespeople, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Phone calls are used to place orders, set appointments, book reservations, and more. With the proliferation of mobile phones, phone calls have become an even more prominent way for people to connect to businesses.

Some companies rely on phone calls even more than others, doing most of their business over the phone. Read on to learn about five industries where phone calls are a vital part of work.

1. Food Delivery

How many times have you come home from work late, decided you didn’t have time to cook, and called the local pizza place to deliver a large pie instead? That happens to hundreds of people every day.

Any company that delivers food relies heavily on phone calls. Calling in an order is easy and quick–especially when the business uses a service like Pizza Phones.

2. Law Firms

Few types of businesses need to make more phone calls than law firms. While law offices are barred from cold calling potential new clients, they still spend a lot of time on the phone during any given case.

Communication between an attorney and their client is important. That means that lawyers will be making frequent calls to their clients and vice versa throughout the process.

3. Home Repair Services

The best and most common way to book a plumber, roofer, or other building contractor is to call them. Not only are phone calls vital for setting appointments, but they also help with the visit itself and follow-ups.

Sometimes a job takes longer than intended, and the plumber needs to call their next client to inform them they’re running late. Staying in conversation like that is key for these kinds of businesses.

4. Travel

Think about all the aspects of travel: there are hotels to book, plane tickets to purchase, and cars to rent. Odds are good that most customers will handle all of these things over the phone.

5. Medical Care

Medical industry calls are an integral part of life for any care worker. Patients need to call to book appointments, while doctors need to get in touch with each other about their patients.

With something as crucial as health care, clear communication is a must. Phone calls are faster and offer more clarity than emails, so they’ll always be a part of medical care.

Phone Calls: A Business Necessity

Whether you’re making them or receiving them, phone calls likely play a big role in your business. That’s why it’s crucial not to neglect your phone lines — get the best small business phones for your company!

Mobile phones, VoIP services, and other aspects of telephone tech are constantly changing. Don’t get left behind; visit our technology blog to stay up to date on the latest innovations in phone calling!

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