How Vivo mobile got so much popularity among Indian consumers

Vivo has no doubt become one of the leading mobile brands of India. The rise of this brand and its popularity seem overwhelming to many. 

However, when taken a closer scrutinizing look, one will find that the Vivo mobiles under 15000 are the reasons for its success. The brand began its journey when the biggies were still ruling the market. However, Vivo not only has secured its place among the best mobile brands, but it has also risen to the top.  

To become a leading brand, Vivo had to play a smart game. The smartphone manufacturers opted to manufacture Vivo mobiles under 15000. The key reason for this price slash is the growing demand for midrange mobiles. All of a sudden, smartphone consumers began to look for mobiles that come under Rs 15000 range. The key reason for this change in demand is the high-quality mobile phone features. The midrange phone manufacturers started to include a high-quality display, large storage, and smooth gaming add-ons. 

Vivo used this transformation in demand to their advantage to beat the best mobile brands. Quickly Vivo included high range features to mobile under Rs 15000. 

Most Popular Vivo Phone

Vivo Y30 comes under Rs 15000. This mobile phone offers an iView display, advanced storage system, and 5000 mAH battery. You also get a range of high-definition cameras such as – AI Quad Camera, wide-angle camera, and super micro camera.

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